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Category: My Life

Making Life Changes

Fun Fact about Victoria: I hate making big decisions. I am indecisive, I stress about it, and I dwell until a decision is made up in my mind only to […]

23 & Me

Another year older and one step closer to using my age as an excuse to go to bed early. I thought I’d take the time while I’m sitting here, at […]

Behind The Move

I feel like at this point I should just stop apologizing and just own up to the fact that I don’t post as often as I would like/use to. Trying […]

Why I’m Leaving Disney

Hi guys, so as many of you have probably already seen but within the course of the next week I will be leaving the Walt Disney World Company in order […]

Becoming an Adult

Yes, hi, hello, I am in fact alive, fret not. I may have become nocturnal thanks to the Emporium but I’m still kickin’ (for the most part). I know people […]

Emporium Life (It’s Not So Scary!)

Hello! Trying to find time to make these posts can be a little difficult this time around. I decided to make this post to not only update everyone, but also […]

Livin’ The Main Street Lifestyle

Hiya folks and welcome to the Magic Kingdom, a world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy! Enjoy your day! Okay so maybe that isn’t quite how I greet every guest, but […]

Making Connections

How is it that the Fall 2018 Program has already allowed me to make friendships that will last a lifetime? Aside from the basics of meeting people on the Facebook […]