Returning & Reuniting

Hi Everyone! THANKFULLY my Senior Thesis is slowly wrapping up and coming to an end! This will hopefully mean I will soon be able to start posting on the regular again! Anyways, I thought I would give you all a small update on how my Spring Break was! For those of you who don’t know, I planned a Spring Break trip back to Disney with a few of my old DCP roommates! Overall it was a BLAST, but there was certainly a different feeling reentering the parks for the first time since my program ended. It wasn’t simply a Disney vacation anymore, it was more like this past year didn’t even happen and we were just enjoying a day off from work in the parks.

From the first moment we saw each other in the airport, it was like nothing changed. We barely needed to do any catching up since we’ve been texting almost every day since we last saw each other. Driving down the familiar roads and seeing other CPs on their Disney Journey felt a little surreal. We were the guests on the outside looking in this time.

Walking through the entrance of the Magic Kingdom was where it really it me, we were home. I think everyone got hit with a bit of emotion when we realized this was real, we were together again in our favorite place. Seeing that castle brought a smile to everyone’s face. Our hearts felt so whole yet something about the park still felt empty. Walking around the park is when the shock first started to sink in. There was almost no familiar faces. I mean, I understand that like me, most of the program participants returned home at the end of the program, but it was a weird feeling to walk around the park where I once use to see familiar faces at every turn, to seeing close to no one I knew working.

Either way Happily Ever After was still as magical as ever and even brought a tear to my eyes because standing there, watching that show, it was when the full spectrum of the situation hit me. I was back, I was with my best friends, and soon I would be doing this every night again with them. A whole new journey awaits me. It was like the weight of finishing school, graduation, the summer ahead, was lifted off my shoulders for that brief moment of time. It was like a dream finally becoming a reality. I realized it was the start of my future and my real Disney Journey.

Check out my brief trailer style video of our trip! It’s only a trailer because I was too focused on reuniting to truly vlog the entire trip!

Toria’s Tales of Disney Presents: Spring Break 2018

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