17 Polly Pockets Play Sets You DEFINITELY Had If You Were A 90s/00s Kid

OKAY GUYS. Welcome to what I would like to call: Polly Pocket day. A day where I will dedicate three to FOUR posts all about these lovable little dolls. Now for those of you who may not know, one of my ALL TIME favorite toy brands. Polly. Pockets. Now when I finally started to become old enough to play with Polly Pockets, the small actual pocket sized ones were still very in and I had quite a few, but I mainly focused on the larger ones (mainly because you could change their clothes cause I was clearly a fashionista too). I also want to say that I was clearly VERY spoiled because I literally had all of these play sets and the next post for later today will showcase how I really had EVERYTHING Polly Pocket. It was probably an obsession. ANYWAYS. Here are 17 Polly Pocket Play Sets that will give you MAJOR nostalgia if you were a 90s/00s kid.

17. Polly Pocket Backstage Sets

When closed, it looked like you were backstage of a concert, then when opened you were center stage!

16. Polly Pocket Perfect Picnic & Beach Style S.U.V. Sets

I personally had the sea foam green and hot pink jeep for all of my Barbie beach travel needs.

15. Polly Pocket Quik Clik Set

I always hated the fact that the clothes were squishy, but thought it was basically major the way her hair and clothes would ‘magically’ attach to her.

14. Polly Pocket Snow Cool Sets

I used that horse drawn carriage during the winter months to really showcase how beautiful Christmastime can be for my Pollys.


12. Polly Pocket Foldout Houses

One of the FIRST play sets I ever got. I loved how they folded up to look like a little purse of lunchbox then BOOM full blown apartment that I dreamed of having in real life. I love how the bed flipped up and left room for more storage space.

11. Polly Pocket Designer Mall

First recreational set that wasn’t a house that I got. The play dough part of it was really weird and got hard really fast, but the rest was super fun.

10. Polly Pocket Cafe Mall Boutique Hair Salon

I always loved this set but it confused me. You had a hair salon with a bakery, but then you take the elevator upstairs and you’re in Polly’s closet with her bed on a balcony?

9. Polly Pocket Cruise Ship

I still remember when I got this for Christmas and still tear up at how excited I was to this day. It was HUGE. My Polly’s went on too many vacations after that one.

8. Polly Pocket Stretch Limo

I use to fill the little mini pool in the back with real water then probably wondered why the music stopped working. Warning though, popping that car open and getting it back down to the smaller size was a HAZARD for little fingers getting caught.


7. Polly Pocket: Surf ‘n Sun Studio

Super fun beach-house set except for the fact that it was super flimsy.

6. Polly Pocket Rockin’ Roller Coaster Resort & Add Ons

ANOTHER CHRISTMAS PRESENT WORTH CRYING FOR. FULL HOTEL WITH THE ATTACHABLE BOARDWALK GAMES. Ugh this next to the Cruise ship was the best present ever. Also talk about WORKING roller coaster!

5. Polly Pocket Fairgrounds

Photo From: Regina Erica

The only mini set I really decided to showcase on this list because it was by far one of the most advanced for the pocket-sized toys. All of the rides were battery powered and were able to move on their own and the attached pieces could be moved with a little gear. The only downside? A battery exploded in mine and ruined the whole thing. Sad life.

4. Polly Pocket Sparkle House

LOVED this how and making everything unnecessarily sparkly for no reason whatsoever. I loved how retro the house looked and I would pretend my Polly was from the 70s or 80s cause I was such a historically smart child (not).

3. Polly Pocket Groovy Getaway Jet

How else did you expect my Polly’s to get to their cruise ship or the tropical hotel getaway??


2. Polly Pocket Splashin’ Fashion Sets

Usually the destination of my Polly Pocket Cruise Ship and usually would pour real water into the pool because it HAD to be authentic.

1. Polly Pocket Rock n’ Pop Sets

I had the whole band and I would put them all together on one stage where I would either sing or play a good CD for a grand concert show.


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