10 Unsolved Mysteries from Europe That Will Leave You With Chills

Welcome to our second rendition of unsolved mysteries! Today, we are shifting our focus to across the pond. I decided to select some of my (probably shouldn’t explain it as this but) favorite unsolved cases from across the continent. By favorite, I mean ones I find most fascinating or puzzling! You’ll probably feel the same once you read these for yourself! Get on your sleuthing hat, because it’s time to dive in.

10. Jack The Ripper

Decided to start with one of the most infamously horrifying unsolved mysteries from history. Jack The Ripper. Just who exactly was he? How was he able to get away with so many murders, causing widespread panic throughout the impoverished areas on London in 1888? Was it a single person or the work of copycats? No one knows for sure, but there is something morbidly Shakespearean about his spree if you ask me. For the full tale or understanding of Jack The Ripper, check out his Wikipedia page here.

9. The Loch Ness Monster

Hoaxed photo of the Loch Ness monster.jpg

Does a monster really live in Loch Ness? Is the Scottish Highlands really home to a water serpent-like creature known as “Nessie”? Time for you to do your research and form your own opinions from Wikipedia here.

8.  Edward V & Richard of Shrewsbury

What did happen to the two boy Princes when they were thrown into the Tower of London? When the two boys were 12 and 9, their father, Edward IV died in 1483. The two were relocated to the Tower and supposedly looked over by their uncle. That was until they were suddenly deemed illegitimate so their uncle could be crowned as king. No one knows what became of the boys, but workers in 1674 did discover two small skeletons within the tower. It is said that the boys are two of the many ghosts said to inhabit the Tower of London. Learn about the full story here.

7. The Green Children of Woolpit

Image result for the green children of woolpit

During the 12th century in village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England, two children (a boy and a girl), mysteriously showed up one day. Not only did they speak an unknown language from the villagers, but their skin had a green-ish hue to it. Did I also mention they only ate raw beans? Well, turns out over time they assimilated into the village society and eventually lost their green hue. But still, to this day, no one knows for certain of where exactly they came from. Check out the full story here.

6. The Bog Bodies

When bodies dating from as early as 8000 BCE to as recently as WWII are discovered throughout Europe, it is a sudden puzzlement to everyone. But what is even stranger is how well preserved all of these bodies are. Why are they here? Were some human sacrifices? What chemical powers does the Bog have to keep them so well preserved? Check out this long lasting mystery here.

5. The Belmez Faces

In 1971 within a private home in Spain, María Gómez Cámara noticed a stain that appeared to look like the face of a person on her floor. The eerie image was too much for her to look at daily, so her husband broke the concrete and repaved, thus getting rid of the original image. From there the family claimed new faces would not only appear throughout the house, but also disappear and reappear elsewhere on the concrete. When the floor was excavated, human remains were found beneath the home. The house became a sensation and no one knows for sure whether the entire thing was a hoax or a true case of paranormal activity. Check out all the images and the full backstory here.

4. The Voynich Manuscript

With only 240 of the original pages remaining, Wilfrid Voynich purchased a manuscript in 1912, only to discover it was written in an unknown code. When examined, the manuscript is found to be dated back to the early 15th century, and no one really knows for certain just what the coding pertains to. Check out the full back story here!

3. The Isdal Woman

When a man and his children were out hiking one day in Bergen, Norway during the fall of 1970, they came upon the severely burned body of a woman. Check out the entire case here, but it is insanely eerie. The woman didn’t seem to show any true signs of suicide, yet her stomach was filled with pills. Her luggage was also found at a nearby train station. Many believed she was a spy because it was during the time of the Cold War, but no one knows for sure. Super weird.

2. Madeleine Beth McCann

I swear this case gets me JonBenet Ramsey type heated. LET ME TELL YOU. The two options to solving this case are simple, either the parents had something to do with it, or they’re IDIOTS. Actually, number two could easily be the case in either situation. Basically family friends take a group trip to Portugal in 2007. While the parents enjoyed a drink at the hotel’s restaurant, they left their sleeping children ALONE in their hotel rooms with the doors UNLOCKED. Next thing ya know out of all the kids, Madeleine’s missing. Was she kidnapped? Did she wonder off? Or did the parents do it to cover something up? Check out the case for yourself and come to your own conclusions here.

1. The Dancing Plague

People literally danced UNTIL THEY DIED. Like WhAt~. What caused this crazy plague that caused people to boogie until they just couldn’t boogie no more?? Find out for yourself and see why it still confuses historians till this day here.

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