15 Fun Halloween Goodie Bag Toys To Give Out This Spooky Season!

Feeling like giving out something a little different this year? Or maybe you’re throwing a Halloween party with some kiddos (or adults I don’t judge) who deserve an extra spooky little surprise? Well look no further! Check out these 15 ghoulishly awesome goodie bag items that can be easily bought in bulk and ready for your spooky night! (I tried to pick a mix of nostalgic little trinkets as well as some fun newer items for today’s kiddos)

15. Neon Jack-O’-Lantern Trick-Or-Treat Buckets

To start things off right, we obviously need the perfect bucket to fill with goodies! I love giant buckets with the classic jack-o-lantern look and shape because they’re great to use for trick or treating as well! Talk about a double win! Get a 12 pack from Oriental Trading here!

14. Coffin Putty with Black Spider

Get a pack of 12 from Oriental Tradings here!

13. Black & Orange Spider Rings

Classicsssss. Get a 30 count from Party City here!

12. Novelty Halloween Stamps

Get a 24 Pack from Walmart here!

11. Halloween Bookmark Rulers 

Always can use a good bookmark/ruler! Get yourself a 144 pack (woah looks like you’ll be giving them out for the next 5 Halloweens to come) from Amazon here!


10. Glow-in-the-Dark Vampire Fangs

Yet another classic for the bag! Get yourself a 72 Pack from Oriental Trading here!

9. Pop Fidget Toys

Guess these are a thing now? Get yourself a 4 pack from Amazon here!

8. Halloween Porcupine Characters

Honestly I never could tell as a kid if I actually enjoyed getting these or not, but they’re still nostalgic so THROW EM IN. Get yourself a 36 pack from Oriental Trading here!

7. Halloween Smencils Scented Pencil

These things either smelled amazing or gross or like nothing with no in between. Get individuals from Party City here!

6. Glow in the Dark Bouncing Balls

Get 90 of these bad boys from Walmart here!


5. Halloween Character Slime Toys

These just look fun and look like they’ll be stuck to the ceiling in 10 minutes. Get yourself a 12 pack from Oriental Trading here!

4. Wind Up Halloween Toys Assortment

Gotta love a good wind up toy. Get a 15 pack from Walmart here!

3. Halloween Stretchy Skeletons

I use to love these things! Get a 72 pack from Amazon here!

2. Halloween Gnome Plush Decoration with Greeting Cards

This is solely because I have an unhealthy obsessed with these gnomes. I love all the seasonal gnomes that all the stores have to offer. I can’t stop. ANYWAYS, get yourself a pack of 6 from Walmart here!

1. Witch Fingers

I had to end with an ultimate classic! Did anyone else always wish of getting 10 to have one for each finger but only end up with one in your goodie bag? No? Just me? Okay well regardless, get yourself a 10 count from Party City here!


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