10 Disney Computer Games only 20-Something Year Olds Will Remember

Lets talk old school PC games shall we? I decided to compile a list of some of the older Disney computer games that’ll hopefully make your head scream with nostalgia. Now of course back in the day Disney was cranking out PC games left and right for basically all its movies, but in this first article, I am going to focus on the ones I personally remember and played. Were about to dive into some originals from Disney Interactive Studios! Enjoy!

1. Atlantis The Lost Empire: Trial By Fire

Almost positive I got this gem in a cereal box back when they would send demos with Cheerios (or whatever). The main things I remember from this game was flying a craft and trying to collect different types of gems I think they were along the way. I also vividly remember crashing and never making it to the end every time. Lots of temper tantrums with that one.

2. Disney Princess Fashion Boutique

Okay not going to lie, I think I teared up a little just from seeing this cover again. This game was by far THE MOST PLAYED gamed of my childhood. Ugh wow what a time to be alive. Basically you made yourself as a princess (you even had the option to upload a picture of your face for the character), and then you would travel between the worlds of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. Inside each world you would explore their enchanted gardens for items that would then add exclusive items to your princess wardrobe such as dresses and accessories. It would also had stickers to the interactive sticker books you could make! I would still play this game now.

3. Mulan: Animated Storybook

So not only did you get to play through the entire story of Mulan, this game had a lot of great mini games. My favorite for this one was once again a dress up portion because you had to have your outfit just right before going to see the matchmaker. It also had another great interactive sticker book where you could add your own colors and moving pieces. You’ll start seeing a trend very soon with dressing up and stickers if you haven’t gotten the hint already.


4. Beauty and The Beast: Magical Ballroom

Time to get things ready for Belle & Beast on a magical night in the castle’s ballroom! In this game you assisted Belle in creating a magical evening. This included teaching Belle how to dance, prepping the ballroom as well as the food within it, organizing Belle’s extensive book collection, and of courseeee helping Belle pick out the perfect outfit for the evening.

5. Aladdin Activity Center

Card games, word games, arts & crafts, music, and so much more. This game was a HUB for activity that’s for sure! I remember this coming with two CDs because back in the day, all the activities couldn’t fit on just one!

6. Cinderella’s Dollhouse

This entire game was an interactive sticker book. So basically my childhood fantasy if you couldn’t tell. I think what I loved the most about these computer sticker books and all the stickers moved. For example you picked a location (Cinderella’s house, the castle, or the royal gardens) and the stickers you added to the page would respond to the things around it. If you put Cinderella on the page and then put a bowl in her hand, she would start mixing dough inside. It was a way for me to be able to let my imagination run free and truly create my own story!


7. Winnie The Pooh Preschool & Kindergarten

All of your pals from the 100 Acre Woods helped you learn! From counting to spelling, the gang helped all us little people survive those tough early school years.

8. The Lion King Activity Center

Interactive sticker book in this one too! But also more puzzles, mini games and a fancy version of hangman with Pumbaa! This one seems to be one of the most popular older games according to the interwebs.

9. Disney Magic Artist Studio & Mickey & Friends Print Studio

MORE OF MY CREATIVE TRUE CHILDHOOD RIGHT HERE WITH THESE TWO GAMES. Anyone else just welling up inside? Cause I’m about to blabber like a baby over here. Magic Artist Studio basically let your little mind run free with great different painting tools and stickers. The the Mickey & Friends Print Studio let you make your own stickers. Yes! You heard me right! They allowed you to make a wide array of printable stickers, cards, and various other stationary! I remember my mom making my class stickers with each kid’s name on them for field trips. Apple picking field trip? Mickey with an apple with a kid’s name on it. Boom. Sticker genius.

10. You Can Fly! with Tinker Bell

I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST. For those of you that know me know that I believe Tinker Bell is THE BEST Disney character around. She is small, sassy, and blonde and gets to hangout with Peter Pan all day. Like an all around WIN if you ask me. This game was life-changing, I swear. Peter Pan teaches you how to fly, then whisks you away to Neverland where you cruise around with Tink and meet all the Lost Boys. Then you get to play games to win treasure map pieces and even duel Captain Hook in the end! Like WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

I hope you guys enjoyed another nostalgic rendition of old time Disney! Comment your favorite game below from Disney whether I mentioned it or not!


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  1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this! It was only because of this page that I was able to rediscover a game from my childhood! I could remember it, but not what it was called- it turned out to be the Disney Princess Fashion Boutique!

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