15 Electronics 90s/00s Kids Had Before iPods

Everyone remembers their first electronic. If you are about my age though, odds are your first electronic wasn’t an iPod or iPad. It probably wasn’t even a cellphone. Instead our technology was a bit downgraded but definitely got an A for creativity! I decided to compile a list of a few of the electronics I specifically remember having (and ones I could actually remember the names of). Check it out and let me know what things you remember whether they’re on the list or not! I’d love to do a part 2 at some point as well.

15. Pixter/Pixter Color

This was like the first ever hand held electronic I ever had I believe. I got the Pixter Color and at first my parents got me regular Pixter games for it. Turns out original Pixter games weren’t compatible with Pixter color unless you connected an adapter first. You won’t believe how long it took us to realize that. It wasn’t until one day I just randomly plugged in the adapter wondering what it was only to realize the old games fit on top! Power Puff Girls game for life.

14. Tamagotchis/ Tamagotchis Connection

THESE STILL EXIST AND I NEED ONE. You all already know my deep connection with Tamagotchis if you’ve read any of my other nostalgia posts. I lived for picking the perfect Tamagotchi case that best matched my young hip personality. Also Tamagotchi connections were a total game changer. Odds are your Tamagotchis would still die young, but at least now they had friends.

13. Disney Handhelds

Almost positive I got the downgraded versions of these games in my Happy Meals. I remember getting a couple of the real ones from like Walmart and Target. It was your average left, right, jump game where you were usually running away from something or defending yourself.

12. Password Journal

Okay so I had one of these and came to a very difficult realization. Don’t ever forget your password. The creators claimed not only did it remember the specific password you chose to say out loud to open the journal, but it also would ‘only recognize your voice.’ Lies. There was soooo many flaws with this issue. One, as a kid I almost never remembered my password and tended to break open the journal when need be. Also sometimes when I even knew my password it would claim my voice wasn’t mine OR my friends would easily be able to open it with their own voice. BOGUS.

11. Your Parents Cellphone

Anyone else live for Nokia snake and thought they were so cool when their parents would actually allow them to hold there phone for a few fleeting minutes to play? Just me? Okay cool. Good talk.

10. Hit Clips

I FOUND ONE OF THESE UNDER MY BED YESTERDAY. Sad life though it doesn’t work anymore. What a day that would have been if it did. Anyways, these little bad boys were almost completely useless. Basically you would put in these little clips and they would play a piece of a song from the album shown. Just a piece. Not even a full song. Amazing. Yet you’d be the coolest kid in school if you had a bunch of cips, and especially if you were like me and had both the boom box speaker and the single ear headphone version. Cause ya know only wearing one headphone was how to be cool.

9. Pixel Chix

I had one of these and lost interest extremely quickly. Basically it was a virtual little person who could do a very limited amount of things inside their little box. Things only got interesting if you had multiple to connect together or double floor versions with more options of game play. Other than that pretty basic.

8. Boom Boxes, Portable CD Players and Portable Radios

I LOVED MY BARBIE BOOM BOX. I had all the Barbie CDs shown in the picture and also had a much of random Cassette tapes/ listened to the radio on it. I also loved my portable CD player when I needed to ‘grow up’ a little more (ya know like Disney Mania and mix tapes I’d get from Limewire). #coolkid status. Lastly, I had a portable radio that I would take with me while my parents walked and I sat in the stroller along the beach. Update. It didn’t have AM radio so I couldn’t listen to Radio Disney so it was basically useless to me.

7. Game Cube

Mario and Bratz, those are the two main games I remember playing on here. I also remember my dentist office having a GameCube and thinking I was so dang cool showing off to everyone when I would beat whatever game was on there. Such a cool cat right here.

6. Playstation 1

So I actually started out with a Playstation 2. That was where my initial love for Kingdom Hearts came from. Anyways, at my summer camp when we would have game time, as well as at various cousins’ houses, we had Playstation 1. I specifically remember playing a Spongebob Game over and over on it. I was a very single-minded child once I found one specific game I liked to play.

5. Executive Organizer

Begged my mom to have the Mickey’s Personal Assistant when I was on a Disney Trip. Finally got it, since I was a kid nothing exciting happened worth noting so the device got old quick. Starting to see the trend when it came to me and boredom as a child? Anyways the end of this one’s life came when it decided to turn on and make an obnoxious white noise-like sound in the middle of the night. My mom ripped its batteries out real fast.

4. PC Games

I still play Minesweeper to this day. I also loved Space Pinball but I always lost real fast. But I am not just talking the basic games like Spider Solitaire that came with the computer, I’m also talking all the life-changing games you could download onto it. From Freddie the Fish and Elmo to Zoo Tycoon and The Sims. What a time to be alive.

3. Dream Life, Dream Life Superstar and Dream Life Designer’s World Consoles

I LIVED FOR DREAM LIFE. You got to customize your avatar, decorate your room, find a boyfriend and shop for clothes. What a great life. When I was with friends we’d take turns and each play a day in the life. We’d usually end up fighting over clothes and who to date though. I remember really wanting Dream Life Superstar but I never got it. I did get designer’s World though and that was pretty fun! You got to make clothes, select the models, and have your very own fashion show (just hope your model doesn’t trip on stage and hurt your score!)

2. Nintendo DS & Nintendo DS Lite

I personally was a Nintendo DS Lite user myself. I played a lot of MySims, Cooking Mama, and Diner Dash. I also was a big fan of Pictochat Hide and Seek. It was actually a pretty creepy concept. Basically one friend would go and hide in the house while the other looked for them. While this was happening you would communicate through pictochat and the hider would give clues as to where they were, but also creepy messages like ‘I SEE YOU’ from time to time.

1. Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance SP

I had that exact Cobalt Game Boy Advance. The Sims Bustin’ Out was my very first game on it! Then like all kids with Game Boys of any kind, I upgraded to the Pokemon games. I had Pokemon Sapphire and loved it! I would secretly trade hard to get Pokemon from my cousins game over to mine when he wasn’t paying attention. Whoops…

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’d love to make some posts about specific games on some of the devices I’ve listed above!


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