Becoming an Adult

Yes, hi, hello, I am in fact alive, fret not. I may have become nocturnal thanks to the Emporium but I’m still kickin’ (for the most part). I know people have been asking me when my next update was going to be and how I have been no where near as present on my blog as I was my last program. I’ll be honest though, it can be hard to keep up with it all. I certainly do not have anywhere near as many hours work-wise as I did my last program, but due to the sporadic times of day I can be scheduled, my sleep schedule has been completely out of whack. In fact that’s probably an understatement, one day I’ll start work at 11 o’clock in the morning and the next day I’ll be working until 3:30 in the morning. There is no in between here. It makes me feel tired almost all the time. I will have gotten an amazing nights sleep but since my body has no idea when sleep time is, I always feel slightly fatigued (thank god for coffee).

Word vomit aside, I titled this post becoming an adult because I feel like this program is creating much larger steps for me in life than my last program had. I have a new internship, one that many strive for and I will be forever grateful for Disney to give me this amazing upcoming opportunity. But with this opportunity suddenly comes the pressure of stepping up to it’s reputation. Being a VIP Tour Guide means being the face of Disney to higher-end Disney guests who come here expecting every second of their Disney trip to be completely magical. This leaves extremely little room for error. It also means that Disney holds you up to even stricter higher standards in terms of expectations and guest service. This internship will include a month of vigorous training, memorizing of scripts, and practice learning every inch of every park and every detail about Disney Parks history there is. Sound slightly intimidating yet?

Now don’t get me wrong. I am BEYOND excited. I am even excited for the training just because it is something new for me the experience. I’m honestly ready for a change. I love the Emporium and the family it has given me. It will certainly always have a deep place in my heart. But after this holiday season I think it’s safe to say that I don’t plan on going back into retail anytime soon. I love it here, but Disney guests trying to complete their Christmas shopping list can be a very scary time sometimes. But it can also be some of the best guest interactions you will ever have on your program. It really just depends on the guest you come in contact with.

Being in Disney for the holidays is another thing I consider as a big step moving into adulthood. I missed Halloween, and Thanksgiving at home. Next week I will be missing Christmas and even New Years due to scheduling here. I’m not going to say it’s easy, in fact some times it down right sucks when I realize I won’t be home with family, but I knew I was signing myself up for this when I accepted my program. The Emporium leadership knows how hard it is for us to be away during this time of the year too. They know for most of us, it’s our first time ever being away from home for the holidays. I know many people who couldn’t handle the pressure and had to self-term. It certainly doesn’t help that the parks get busier and certainly more stressful during this time as well. But our leadership tries their best to get us past it and to focus on the fun aspects of it all.

So far for both Halloween and Thanksgiving we have done something slightly different from our normal work routine. For Halloween, they had bowls of candy in our main backroom for everyone to enjoy on their breaks or even just when they needed a sweet treat to get them through the busy shift. For Thanksgiving, we had a dessert party in the upstairs office and the room was OVERFLOWING with desserts thanks to everyones’ contributions! It really shows how we can come together as one to celebrate when we can’t celebrate at home. Before work on Thanksgiving my friend (and coworker) Brady worked tirelessly throughout the morning cooking a turkey! He then invited all of the College Program Emporium Cast Members over to the house to have a true homemade Thanksgiving meal! We all mainly worked the night shift so an early Thanksgiving dinner it was! It was an amazing time of laughter, toasting with sparkling cider, and everyone’s tasty side dishes! Christmas will certainly feel different mainly because Christmas is the one holiday I hold closest to my heart. I love family time especially with some good Christmas cheer, but I know my new Disney family will help me see it through in a fun-loving atmosphere.

Did I also mention getting a house? Due to the lack of Disney housing and all of our new jobs, four of my friends and I have decided to lease a house for 2019! I am beyond excited to have most of my stuff already moved into the new and spacious house. We all have our own rooms aside from Emily and Ben sharing, and I couldn’t be more excited to have a place to call my own aside from a small cramped apartment. We had to work tirelessly to find a location that would actually rent to a group of young adults ‘our age’. People really don’t realize we are here to work and progress our careers with the Walt Disney Company, not to goof off. We were so so lucky to find the house we did and in such a nice, safe, and affluent area. We are now close to other friends who have moved to the area and plan to hold our first Christmas in the house next week!

Now my current stress revolves around rent as well as furniture (stuff ain’t cheap). Did I mention almost all of these things have happened solely in the last two months? Stressful may be an understatement. So all of these reasons are why I have not posted in a while. Life can be very overwhelming sometimes, especially for others my age who are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their life and what their future may hold. There have been so many obstacles and road blocks along this path as well that have really made me question if I’m am capable of handling all of this. There have been times of tears and overreacting for sure (just ask my mother) as well as times of panic attacks and sleepless nights for whats to come. But overall I know I need to come to the conclusion that Everything Happens For A Reason and all of these obstacles have only been put there to make me stronger. These past few months have shown me how to deal with hard situations and how to grow from them. I feel more independent than I have ever felt before. Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t still have panic attacks or break down from stress at certain times, but it also makes me feel stronger and know that I’m only going through this because I’m making big steps for my future.

Rant over. *Mic Drop*


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