About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Victoria and I’m a DCP Alumni as well as a Disney VIP Tours Alumni! A little background on me, I go to a small college in New England called Endicott College and major in Hospitality Management! I have always loved all things Disney ever since I was little.


By the time I graduated elementary school I knew I wanted to work for the big mouse himself one day. When I found out about the college program I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Who wouldn’t want to contribute to the magic? After my time in the college program and my adventures as a VIP Tour Guide for the Walt Disney Company, I decided it was time for a slight change.

When the Waldorf Astoria offered me a concierge position, I knew it was one I simply couldn’t turn down. But over time I started to miss having four seasons and the family back home, so I decided to relocate. That was when I was offered a great position back in Boston as an event coordinator! So now I am here, back in the Boston area, back with my family, and back with my proper Dunkin Donuts.

Now I spend my days working and planning all the future trips I so desperately hope to go on. This site will be continued to document those hopeful trips! But I also love writing about varies other topics as well, not just travel. Self, food, books, movies, ghost stories, you name it and I will write about it!

Just a small town New England girl who loves Dunkin Donuts, Disney, Marvel, ghosts, and fantasy novels!