Yet Another Update

Hello Again Everyone! For those of you who were following along with my 31 Days of Halloween, you probably noticed that I basically fell off the face of the earth halfway through. I am so upset by this and really wish I had more time to finish my yearly tradition. Unfortunately, my real job became extremely busy this past month and didn’t give me much wiggle room or free time to write. I am posting this now to ensure you all that these upcoming months will be jam packed with holiday posts to make up for all the lost time! I will also try to continue my Haunting in Salem series to appease those who were interested in it. I’m sorry again! But for now, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

One Reply to “Yet Another Update”

  1. Hey Victoria,
    I am also a student at Endicott College and recently read your article on the history of Reynolds Hall/ the Tea House. This is something I have been fascinated with for years and I was hoping if you could give me some insight as to where you found the information on the little girl, her paralysis, and basically anything and everything regarding that family and the house. Please let me know, I love your blog!

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