15 Amazing Non-Traditional Disney Costume Ideas

When it comes to Halloween costumes, Disney tends to run the show (for both kids and adults don’t try to hide it). But what seems to happen is most people dive right into the familiar and more common costumes instead of branching out and getting truly creative. I decided to compile a list of some amazing costume ideas for some Disney characters that not many would think to dress as. These people get an A+ for creativity!

Disclaimer: These photos are obviously not mine, I have tried my best to find the source of the costumes created and give credit where credit is due. Some of the photos have the credit attached to them in a caption when hovered over or clicked on.

15. Holes

I saw this costume and immediately knew I needed it to be on this list! What a great way to take a costume from basic jailhouse crew to Kissin’ Kate A-game level. nastywomancosplay clearly knows their stuff when it comes to unique Disney costume ideas!

14. Kronk, The Emperor’s New Groove

This is too good. Like however this man was able to get or make that backpack is amazing. Kronk is a great and hilarious idea of a non-traditional ‘villain’ (ish) costume! Find yourself an Yzma if you’re really looking to spice things up! Also did I mention the Reddit user who got this great picture, took it while this man was RUNNING A DISNEYLAND 10K. That is true dedication sure, you win.

13. Sid & His Toys, Toy Story

Sid is truly an under appreciated villain from Pixar. He has the classic traits of a budding psychopath, yet can’t even handle all of his toys coming to life to try and teach him a lesson?? Anyways, this costume is extremely easy to make or simply just buy the shirt online and throw in some converse! Just look at Will Poulter pull it off so well!

12. Darla, Finding Nemo

Who doesn’t wanna dress as a crazy Rock n’ Roll Girl who is secretly a fish killer on the side?! Sign me up! Darla is a hilarious Pixar costume idea for someone who is looking for a showstopper idea. Plus Darla deserves some more credit with all that headgear. Must be heavy.

11. Milo & Kida, Atlantis

SO UNDERRATEDDDD. This is such a good movie with such great characters that go so unnoticed! Milo’s costume is super easy to create, and if you’re feeling a little ambitious you’re always welcome to attempt reaching Kida costume level of awesome! Check out this pairs costume from Cosplay | Anime Los Angeles 2016!

10. Esmerelda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This heroine is extremely clever, sassy, and stands up for what she believes in, especially for a much darker Disney movie. Yet, she barely gets any credit! Esmerelda is a great costume to not only showcase a great female Disney character, but also to twirl around in a long flowing skirt all night just for fun!

9. Zenon & Nebula, Zenon Girl of The 21st Century


Cetus-Lupeedus! Check out this amazing costume idea duo inspired by Brit+Co! I don’t know about you, but the Disney Channel Original Zenon Movies were my absolute favorite! I dreamed of having her ‘stellar’ lifestyle! This costume idea for friends or solo is sure to be out of this world!

8. Powerline, A Goofy Movie

Now were starting to see I2I right? Come on, A Goofy Movie is a staple classic when it comes to 90s Disney movies. Powerline himself was like the Michael Jackson (pretty sure that’s who is was based on) of the Goof-world. Plus Max Goof, just like this costume from Turn The Right Corner, knew just how to showcase his Powerline costume in rockin style!

7. Linguini & Remy, Ratatouille 

COME ON HOW CUTE IS THIS! Such an adorable idea for a parent/kid duo, but could also easily be turned into a couples costume as well! Such an underrated Pixar movie that I not only love, but it leaves me hungry! The way Pixar is able to make animated food look so good still stuns me.

6. Briar Rose, Sleeping Beauty

Aurora use to be my absolute favorite Disney princess back in the day when I had less to choose from. She had long blonde hair like mine and purple eyes that I wished I had. Now a days, I feel like this sleepy princess gets no credit anymore, but more importantly I feel like people love dressing in Cinderella’s rags, yet no one dresses like Aurora in her Briar Rose phase. This costume is super cute and might even have you meeting your prince (check out this amazing cosplay costume from Verafashion)!

5. The Dream Finder, Figment

Check out this incredible inspiration from EPBOT! For all you Disney nostalgia fans out there or even those who appreciate a really rough old ride that somehow still exist in Epcot, then you’ll love this take on a classic Figment character. The Dream Finder was a character back when Epcot opened that encouraged kids to dream big! In doing so he believed in the importance of having a big imagination and dreamed up Figment, the lovable little figment of your imagination dragon with a big imagination of his own!

4. Ariel, Eric, and Melody, The Little Mermaid

WHAT A GREAT FAMILY AFFAIR! This is an insanely cool idea for a small family costume or even just a mother-daughter costume because everyone seems to forget that Ariel is the only Disney princess with a kid!

3. Madam Mim, The Sword and The Stone

So from what I just learned, Sara Katz-Scher (aka thatprincessgirl) seems to be the queen of cosplay from her instagram, especially when it comes to those harder to find character costumes! Check out this awesome ‘pretty’ Madam Mim costume from when she transformed herself during her song!

2. Barbie & Ken, Toy Story 3

Check out disneysfriendsclub ‘s rendition of this classic Barbie & Ken look! I always love when people dress up like Barbie, but add in that little touch of Disney, and you’ve got yourself a winner of a costume! Great stand-alone or couples idea!

1. Peter Pan and His Shadow, Peter Pan

Peter Pan, my homeboy. Such a great friend or even couple idea here! And super easy to make as long as you have a Peter Pan costume and a black body suit!

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