Emporium Life (It’s Not So Scary!)

Hello! Trying to find time to make these posts can be a little difficult this time around. I decided to make this post to not only update everyone, but also to clear the air around the negative connotation that comes from saying I work at the Magic Kingdom Emporium. Here’s the short version of it: it’s nothing to be worried about, it’s actually really fun!

My usual days off go something like this: I go to a park with friends, I get in line for the bag check, someone notices by Blue ID and asks where I work. As soon as I tell them that I work at the Emporium their usual automatic response is something along the lines of “yikes”, “I could never”, or “Bless your soul”. Dramatic, I know. At first before fully diving into the Emporium family this really stressed me out. I was so afraid that I was going to be thrown into a job that only dealt with chaos. As much as chaos can occur, it passes. Working at the Emporium is nothing like it’s chalked up to be, it’s ten times better.

What they don’t tell you about working at the Emporium is family you create and make along your journey. Odds are you’ll be working late hours (Note that doesn’t mean long, just late). Sometimes we don’t get out until 3 or 4 in the morning, but as soon as those  doors close we jam to music and restock like champs. You create a bond with 42967000_1884889818263364_8270118197424816128_nevery single co-Cast Member that just adds to the overarching atmosphere of family that is created within the West Side of Main Street. Everyone there always has each others backs. We will always be there for one another when we need help rearranging our schedules or in need of an extra hand when your stocking zone gets a little over-crowded. A bad day can always be adjusted by some coworker friendliness and a hug or two when needed.

But let it be known these friendships aren’t simply restricted to work hours, we know how to hangout and have fun on our days off as well. It’s like Disney created 43021733_340621729816450_1846349725507256320_nan entire new friend group of people from all over who would have never met had it not been for the Emporium! We have one giant group chat where we coordinate schedules and see when and where we can fit in time for a dining reservation or a quick trip to a park. Anything to43152502_156908611911168_2765439909006147584_n decompress or have fun before another day on the West Side!

During work we know how to find that perfect balance or focus and play. We can goof off and make jokes to one another while making sure the store is running smoothly. Party nights such as Mickey’s Not So Scary are usually filled with a lot of singing and dancing to each festive parade and firework show. We are so lucky to be located on Main Street because 43072079_471025056735013_602363051525537792_n.jpgwe get the perfect view of all the special activities that go on during the holiday parties. Did I mention we get paid to see all of this stuff while others pay to see it?? Talk about a win win situation. Even on nights that we don’t have parties, we listen to the Happily Ever After Firework show as if it was our first time every night. You can usually find us huddled by a door or singing and dancing to every single line that we all have come to know by heart. When guests see us enjoying ourselves so much, we are usually met with praise or the simple “this might be better entertainment right here” comments!

Overall I just want it to be known that I would happily take late nights and long shifts over being relocated anywhere else in the parks! The Emporium has found its way into 43125559_868173403387332_5171606834494046208_nmy heart and it’s creating memories that I know will last me a lifetime. Whether it’s getting a glimpse of empty Main Street late at night, staring at each other dumbfounded when the store is so busy we can barely move, or simply enjoying the fireworks with the other happy guests, the 43015999_2061576097226209_6104689776630169600_nEmporium has given me a new family that I cannot wait to continue making memories with.

Here’s to the many more months ahead of us and of course the upcoming Christmas season! I’m sure there will be chaotic days and late nights ahead, but I know we will make it through all together and have a blast while being thrown into the organized chaos. Here’s to the future days off filled with even more reservations and park fun and to all the goofy pictures and memories we will create along the way. To my new Disney family: thank you for being supportive, encouraging, and kind and making my work days fly by. I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold.


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