Welcome back travelers and let me start by saying that I am SORE. No one tells you how much moving takes a toll on your body jeez. I may be small, but I am mighty let me tell you. I lugged four suitcases through MCO on my own and lifted my carry-on (full of fall candles because I have no self control) into my overhead compartment. You never know the will-power you have until your faced with the anxiety of the people behind you on the plane getting annoyed because you’re taking too long.

ANYWAYS. Hello. I give pretty much the whole explanation in the mini video above, but yes!, I have officially done it! I am back in New England! It as been a very speeding but taxing process, but it has finally come to fruition.

Just wanted to update everyone that yes I am fully moved now, and I will be starting to upload even more videos now that I have the time and before I fully get into the swing of my new job! Thank you guys all so much for the support and help in this moving process and the continued devotion on my social media! I can’t wait to bring you along on my crazy adventures that are yet to come!

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