Making Life Changes

Fun Fact about Victoria: I hate making big decisions. I am indecisive, I stress about it, and I dwell until a decision is made up in my mind only to talk myself out of it and start from square one again.

Yet for some reason these kind of decisions just love to pop into my life. First was moving to Disney for my first college program, then it was moving back for the summer before senior year, another deciding to move back to Disney again, joining VIP and renting a house, deciding to leave VIP early to secure a full time position at the Waldorf Astoria, and now this.

For those of you who don’t already know, I am just going to dive into this so it is more of a ‘brief’ update and not a tangent like my normal posts tend to become. I am moving back to Boston.

Yes, you heard me right. I am moving home.

After a year of living in Florida, I decided it was time for me to head back up north (just in time for my favorite season). The reason behind this being I was given a great opportunity I could not pass up on. The Encore Boston has asked me to come on as their newest Concierge!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how exactly I got to that point. Let me explain; The Encore in Boston has fascinated me since its opening back in June. One day when it was slow at work, I out of whim, decided to look at their job listings for the heck of it. That was when I saw their opening for concierge. Although I love my Waldorf Astoria family down here and will be forever grateful for the experience it has allowed me to gain, I was ready for a chance of scenery. Plus I also figured it was great resume writing and cover letter practice so I applied.

What I didn’t expect was their response to set up a phone interview so quickly, or that they would offer me the job on the spot through the phone just from my previous experience, a few positive references and my personality.

When I compared the details of both jobs and the pros and cons of both accepting and declining the position, I knew I had to do it and that it would be the adventure of a lifetime.

So here I am now, moving back home within a month (basically scrambling to get everything in order), going back to the good ol’ homestead and starting a new job! I can’t wait to see everyone back home again, but leaving behind the family I have created here will be the hardest part for sure. I have made some very very close bonds between old & new college program friends, my VIP crew, and Waldorf pals. It’s going to be a very hard move and it was a hard decision to make, but in the end I know it is a wise career move and will ultimately start paving the way for a new adventure in the hospitality industry.

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