20 Computer Games You Definitely Had as A 90s/00s Kid

I seriously want to go back and play every single one of these games now that I am writing this article. Like I swear I would still have an equal amount of fun playing now as I did back then! Here is a very limited list of some of the top PC games you definitely played as a kid!

20. SimCity

So here was my issue with SimCity, I loved it don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not the same as its more famous counterpart. I loved building my own little worlds, but I hated that I couldn’t create the people to livei n my town. Only complaints because I’m a true Sim girl.

19. Zoombinis

Computer class was always LIT when we opened this game up. Basically the point of this game was to rescue little creatures know as Zoombinis from their unsafe habitat and get them to a new safe area away from predators. I loved the mini games and puzzles you had to play to get your Zoombinis to a free land. RIP to all the Zoombinis who didn’t make it.


18. iSpy

Between the Haunted House and the Treasure Hunt versions of these games, I was set. I lived for pretending I was a detective on this Treasure Island and having to explore and solve the puzzles to gain map pieces to the treasure. I always loved how detailed all the little worlds were. The Haunted House one was fun too and had just enough of a scare element to make it exciting for a kid.


17. The ClueFinders

This game was a constant play when I went over to my cousin’s house. I think what I loved most about this game is the history element that was incorporated. I am a huge history nerd, and these games mixed historical places with learning to solve the game! It was great.

Related image

16. Reader Rabbit

I loved this game because once again it was educational, but made learning so fun! It was also great because each game was based off grade level to make sure kids didn’t get games that may be a little too advanced for them to understand! Short story time: I had the talent show game and I was still working on reading words out loud. One day when my dad and I were playing, I created a sign that said “show tonight” as part of a mini game. My dad asked me what the “tonight” word was (aka to say it out loud to prove I read it). I SWEAR TO YOU that I said tonight and my dad just wasn’t listening. So when he asked again I assumed I was incorrect and somehow out of my mouth popped the word: toonicle (spelling it how I pronounced it). He still doesn’t let me live it down. I swear hes still calls me a toonicle when I mess something up to this day.

Image result for reader rabbit 1st grade

15. My Little Pony, Friendship Gardens

Random, I know. The main goal of this game was to basically train your pony, bake, dress them up and get them all ready to go to a party over the rainbow. I question my small self choices sometimes too, but hey little girls love rainbows and ponies don’t judge! It was fun!

Image result for my little pony friendship gardens

14. Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Geography and attempting to find a global badass female criminal? Hell yeah! Basically you were given a map and clues. The clues would hint at certain geographical locations that Carmen Sandiego could be hiding. It was up to little me to put the clues together and discover where she was hiding. I loved this game because Carmen Sandiego seemed so cool and it definitely helped my early budding love for history.

Image result for carmen sandiego game

13. Baby Muppets

I honestly can’t remember much about this game, but I do remember it all took place in the Muppet’s nursery. All that really happened was you were able to play different mini games with different mini Muppets! Mini Miss Piggy is my spirit animal. That is all.

12. Franklin The Turtle

A great show right here. Use to watch it ALL the time. This computer game was equally as awesome! The main thing I remember doing in this game was their coloring mini activity. As well as their puzzles which at the time of course I found difficult, but I’m sure now would be simple to do!

11. Madeline

This computer game, like the show, was visually stunning, All the backdrops looked had made or painted, with the same artistic style of that in the show. I was a huge Madeline fan growing up, and this game allowed me to explore my creativity just like Madeline does! I always wished I was a girl growing up in old time Paris solely because of Madeline.

10. Putt Putt

PUTT PUTT THE PURPLE CAR WITH THE LIL DOG COMPANION IN THE BACK. Ugh these games were part of my all time favorite computer game company, Humongous Entertainment! Other games in this company included Spy Fox, Freddie the Fish, Pajama Sam, and Backyard Sports (which of course well get all into later). Putt Putt was about a little car that would go around and help others and save the day in many occasions!

9. Lego Island

I swear I got this game from collecting a certain number of cereal box tops. The concept of this game was pretty basic, you got to explore Lego Island. This island, although it may have been small, had so many fun things to do. There was helicopter pads, a jail, pizza shop, race track, caves, etc. You got to pick from (six?) main characters to play as and each character had special jobs they could do. I always loved to play as Pepper, the pizzeria family’s kid. I got to ride a Lego skateboard and deliver pizza when I wasn’t making sure the island was safe from the criminal who escaped jail.


8. Spy Fox

SOLVE THE CRIME OF THE CHUNKY MILK. This game was equally amazing and really really strange. The fox that was a super spy, a pig gangster, a missing cow CEO, what a time to be alive in the realm of computer games. Basically these games involved solving rather interested crimes and I loved spending hours playing them.

download (2).jpg

7. Math Blasters

Anyone else know exactly what I’m talking about when I ask if you play Mancala Mother Bird style? For those of you who lived under a rock, Math Blasters Incorporated outer space with math education and problem solving. Honestly it was a LIT time. Now for my Mother Bird explanation, there was a mancala mini game you could play, but you played against a giant bird known as Mother Bird. The only thing different about this game was they made it a little more kid friendly and quicker to finish so our short attention spans wouldn’t get bored. This then became known as Mother Bird style in my grade and my classmates and I would often time ask each other if we played Mother Bird style or normal before playing a game in class.

6. Roller Coaster Tycoon

You got to build theme parks and your own roller coaster, nuff said. If you were like me, your goal was to create a Disney World replica almost every time even though it absolutely never actually ended up looking anything like Disney World. I also loved making the most wild and sickening roller coasters to see how many of my mini guests would get sick after the ride. What a time.

Image result for rollercoaster tycoon

5. Backyard Baseball

Pablo or the Twins for the win amiright? This Backyard game honestly beats out all the other sports because I believe it’s the original. This game was awesome because you got to select your own team, pick the color and logo of your team, and name it! Then you could even have a two player mode and literally play against your friends in a good ol’ fashion game of baseball. Sandlot vibes for sure.

Image result for backyard baseball

4. Zoo/Marine Mania/Dino Dig Tycoon

Now these games were the real game changers. Not only did we have roller coaster tycoon, but NOW we could make full blow zoos. I loved making different habitats for the different types of animals to make them happy. Most importantly, I loved opening the cages and watch the animals attack all the guests. I think we all did that before you go accusing me of being a psychopath thank you very much. I also loved in the Marine time one, that (fun fact) if you put a mermaid statue in a tank, it turned into a real mermaid! They too also liked to attack divers or guests who found their way into the tanks (somehow…). Don’t even get me started on when I let the Dinosaurs loose. Jurassic Park pt. 20191838209.


3. The Sims

I don’t think I have ever spent so many hours playing one specific game as I have playing the sims. Whether it’s 1, 2, 3, or now 4 (yes I still play constantly it’s an addiction don’t judge) I will still happily be down for hours of life building! I love every expansion pack and have definitely wasted way too much money on purchasing new games constantly. Even when I was little I was so obsessed with playing and would play for too many hours that my mom only let me play on the weekends. I would literally play from morning until night when I got the chance.

2. Pajama Sam

THUNDER AND LIGHTNING ISNT SO FRIGHTENING AND IM NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK thanks to Pajama Sam! This blue little boy threw on his pajamas, purple mask, red cape, and was ready for action! Whether it was going up to change the weather or finding some missing socks after playing cheese tic tac toe, Pajama Sam was the super hero we all needed as a kid. I even had a onesie as a child that mimicked his and would tie my blanket around my neck. My dad and I would try to solve these games for hours!

1. Freddie The Fish

Speaking of games that my dad and I would focus on for hours, this is the ultimate winner. Freddie The Fish was a amazingly fun problem solving game for kids. Freddie and her little green fish friend Luther would travel around solving fishy mysteries (pun 100% intended). Along the way you’d have to solve puzzles and play little mini games all the while making sure Luther didn’t eat too many Worm Doodles! This game could even be difficult at times, but I would happily sit there solving puzzles while munching on a cheese stick pretending I had my own Worm Doodle to enjoy.

Another nostalgic article down! I swear I still have so many games in my head that could have made it on this list! Please give this article a big thumbs up because I would love to do a part 2!


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  1. Does anyone remember the game where you would explore this cartoon castle with a lion as your guide? He made you write essays? But it was a super fun game!!


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