10 Underrated Disney Songs/Albums That Need More Recognition!

Hello Everyone! Today, I decided to go back to my old roots for a Disney post that definitely needs to be discussed! When it comes to Disney movies, there are a few main ones that usually automatically pop into everyones’ heads. *cough cough* FROZEN *cough cough* But there are so many out there that are almost forgotten. With forgotten or less thought about movies comes less thought about songs and soundtracks. Even popular Disney movies have songs that seem to be out-shadowed by the classic favorites. So today’s I decided to focus on 11 Disney songs and soundtracks that certainly do not get enough credit for the true masterpiece that they are. Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments!

11. Show Yourself, Idina Menzel, (Frozen)

OKAY, hear me out first before you go ‘it’s Frozen it overrated, not underrated.’ When it comes to both Frozen movies we basically know all the words to every single song. Let. It. Go. ANYWAYS. But, one song I believe does not get enough credit, and definitely should have been nominated for an award over Into The Unknown, is Show Yourself. If you truly take the time to listen to the lyrics, the song is actually extremely powerful. It is all about self-realization and finding who you truly are. It’s an extreme turning point for Elsa and I believe the song itself can resonate with many.


10. Little Wonders, Rob Thomas (Meet The Robinsons)

Will not lie this song makes me cry EVERY. DANG. TIME. I think this is my go to song for when I’m feeling sad and either want to make myself feel worse, make myself feel better, or just something to let it out to. Please take the time to listen to the lyrics, they are just so amazing. It really connects to the movie (a truly under-appreciated movie that is AMAZING). Overall it will remind you that time is fleeting and you should focus on the now as well as appreciate everyone and everything in your life.

9. The Hercules Soundtrack

As popular as this movie and soundtrack may be, I believe there are a few songs on the album that don’t get enough credit. Everyone seems to know about Go The Distance (great song don’t get me wrong), but has anyone really taken the time to listen to all of the short verses sang by the Muses? Or Zero To Hero? Or how about my all time favoriteI Won’t Say I’m In Love?? Try taking the time to check out the whole soundtrack next time you going looking for your favorite!

8. Feed The Birds, Julie Andrews, (Mary Poppins)

When it came to Mary Poppins growing up and even up until a few years ago, I only truly remembered the obvious Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Spoon Full of Sugar, Step In Time, even Let’s Go Fly A Kite. But it wasn’t until the movie Saving Mr. Banks (highly recommend) came out that I started to notice the important and pure beauty of the song Feed The Birds. The song itself has such a deeper meaning and honestly still gives me chills when I hear Julie’s almost haunting tone while singing it. I also highly recommend watching the scene in Saving Mr. Banks in which the song was ‘created.’

7. The Hunchback of Notre Dame Soundtrack

Now this movie is definitely a dark one for Disney. So it does make sense why it may be slightly forgotten by many as some find it too gruesome to show to their children. But I find the story so important to share, especially in this day and age. Not only is the story told so well, the music is written so well that it really heightens that deeper meaning. Try listening to the lyrics of Topsy Turvey Day, God Help The Outcasts, and the one I find most important: Hellfire. Talk about a crazy song to have in a Disney movie. They really didn’t hold back on this one and honestly, I’m proud of them for it.


6. So Close, Jon McLaughlin (Enchanted)

When I was little I made it one of my life missions to have my first dance at my wedding to this song (which is still the goal today). It’s just such a pretty song that almost gets lost in the scene due to Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey’s ballroom skills. It took me a few watches to even truly take note of the song and actually listen to the lyrics. It basically explains the relationship between the pair and Jon’s voice is gorgeous.

5. Noble Maid Fair, Emma Thompson & Peigi Barker (Brave)

A gorgeous lullaby that is definitely underutilized in the movie. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they use the full version (or even the singing version?) in the movie; which is such a shame when you hear it. Emma Thompson has such a beautiful voice and so does little Peigi Barker. Something about the lullaby being sung in another language also adds to it’s almost haunting beauty. Definitely a nice song to relax to.

4. On My Way, Phil Collins (Brother Bear)

We all say that Phil Collins didn’t have to go that hard on the Tarzan album but he did it for us. Well that’s also the case with Brother Bear yet no one seems to remember this soundtrack (or even the movie). On My Way is such a great and upbeat song that will truly brighten your day! It’s so motivating and really makes you realize every day is full of new opportunities. Love it!


3. I’m Still Here, John Rzeznik, (Treasure Planet)

Yet another forgotten movie. I just want it to be known I had ALL the Happy Meal Toys for this one. I also loved this movie and thought it was a creative retelling of Treasure Island. This song in particular is definitely worth noting when it comes to the film. Just an overall good one that can definitely connect with many who feel different or out of place.

2. Why Should I Worry, Billy Joel (Oliver & Company)

Billy Joel and Disney? Together? In one song/place? SIGN ME UP. I am a huge Billy Joel fan and when I realized he was in Oliver & Company, I suddenly seemed to realize why my nana had the movie on VHS at her house. I grew up watching this movie all the time and found it kind of shocking when I realized it’s not a very popular Disney movie. I loved Oliver & Company and found it to be yet another great Disney twist on a classic tale. Get it. Twist. As in Oliver Twist. I’ll stop now I promise. Anyways this is a true hidden gem of a BANGER by Billy himself. Definitely check it out.


I saved this for last and there should not be a single question as to why. This movie shouldn’t even NEED an explanation. Like come on. If you don’t know this Disney movie then you’re clearly not a TRUE fan. I2I? Iconic. Stand Out? Incomparable. Lester’s Possum Pals? AWARD WINNING. Listen to every dang song on this album because I promise you, you will be singing along to ALL of them (after you get addicting to listening to the entire album on repeat 20 times over).


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