Disney Movie Holiday Specials That Are Totally Underrated

Okay, every year without fail I LOVE to watch Disney Channel Originals or Disney movies in general that are holiday related and totally underrated! When I realized Disney+ has ALL of my favorites that I use to have to search the internet far and wide for, I was beyond thrilled! So I decided to compile a list of some of the best underrated Disney holiday movies that many may not know about! Hopefully it sparks interest and comment down below if you’ve watched any of these as a kid (or even now like me).

8. Full-Court Miracle

When a star basketball player gets sidelined after an injury, he decides to start coaching a local Jewish team. Learn about the importance of giving back to your community and the miracle of Hanukkah in Full-Court Miracle.

7. The Ultimate Christmas Present

What happens when two California girls find Santa’s secret weather machine and decide to make it snow in Los Angeles? Guess you’ll have to watch to see all the wackiness unfold for yourself! Aka it’s mini Brenda Song.

6. Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

House of Mouse was one of my all-time favorite tv shows on ToonDisney. I remember rushing home every day after school because it would always be on at 3pm. This episode, much like its well-known Halloween counterpart is a longer TV special. When Christmas Eve hits, everyones beloved Disney characters get snowed in at the House of Mouse due to a huge storm. Only issue? Donald is not in the Christmas spirit, so it’s up to the entire cast of characters to help Donald see the spirit of the season.

5. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Did you know Belle was in the Enchanted Castle for Christmas before the last petal fell? So what happens during Belle’s Christmas when the castle itself hadn’t had a Christmas in years.

4. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Scrooge McDuck is the star in this classic Christmas tale (shocking). This rendition tells still showcases the important lessons the story tells, but with the usual Disney twist on things.

3. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

What happens when Anna & Elsa realize they don’t have any Christmas traditions? Looks like it’s up to Olaf to go find some for them to enjoy! The songs are AMAZING.

2. Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas

Not as great as the first in my opinion, Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas continues telling classic Christmas tales with important meanings through the main Disney gang. I’m just upset they didn’t stick with classic animation for this film, but the stories are all cute in classic Disney fashion!

1. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

THE BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF ALL TIME THAT STILL HAS THE CAPABILITY TO MAKE ME CRY. It’s comprised of three Disney shorts and let me tell you, the last two. Wow. The first short is what happens when Huey, Duey, and Loey with that every day was Christmas. Second, comes Max and Goofy on Christmas Eve. When Max mails his letter to Santa, he becomes skeptical if the big man himself is truly real so it’s up to Goofy to show him the true magic of the season. Lastly, we have the classic gift of the magi tale played out with Mickey & Minnie.

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