10 Candies You Definitely Got From Trick or Treating As A 90s/00s Kid

If you were like me as a kid, trick-or-treating was not only one of the best nights ever, but it was also a very important business venture. I say this because trick-or-treating to me was not simply shoving my hand in the candy bowl and running off (that is of course not the case if the bowl was left unattended), instead it was about meticulously selecting the candy I actually desired from the bowl of each house. Clearly I overthought the process just a tad bit, but in doing so I have a clear memory of the most common candy in my opinion that would be found on Halloween! So here we have a nice list of candy you definitely got on Halloween if you were a 90s/00s kid and almost all of which you can still get today.

15. Dots

My mom lives for dots, I’d say they’re definitely her favorite candy if I had to pick one. I honestly like them but they’re too stick and get stuck to the roof of my mouth too often to be a favorite. I do love the ghost dots though solely because of how cool they look. As for the bat ones, I’ve never seen them and I feel like they’d just turn your mouth black.

14. Twix

Are you more of a left Twix or a right Twix kind of person? Before the advertising trend of left Twix or right Twix there was simply just one Twix and it came in a mini package for Halloween candy.

13. Kit Kats

Is anyone else completely fascinated but these new Glow in the Dark Kit Kats!? I don’t even wanna know what chemicals they have infused in there to make them glow, but I wanna see them glow first hand. I am use to the orange ones or just the individually wrapped two sticks in my Halloween candy.

12. Mini Crunch Bars

Image result for mini crunch bars

Fun fact, Crunch bars use to be my all time favorite candy for a short time, I’m not sure exactly as to why considering now it’s pretty low on the list, but they’re still fun to get every once in a while.

11. Mini Milk Duds & Junior Mints

Personal opinion: milk duds are eh and junior mints are my ISHHHHH. Could eat those things all day they’re dangerous.

10. Krabby Patties

WHO REMEMBERS THESE THINGS. They were so easy to choke on, impossible to eat unless eating each gummy individually, and probably almost broke your teeth with out thick the gummies were, but still so satisfying to say you’ve had a real Krabby Patty.

9. Fruity Tootsie Rolls

Related image

People hate on these bad boys and tootsie rolls wayyy too much. Besides the little too much chewing needed to consume, I think these things taste so dang good. They’re addicting in my opinion! But… only if you have the cherry ones or the originals. Sorry not sorry.

8. Life Saver Gummies

Image result for life saver gummies

Definitely wouldn’t save your life and often times just caused choking, but they were just so good like regular life savor gummies. Plus the sour powdered added a nice sour then sweet touch to them.

7. Individually Packaged Twizzlers

Fun story, Twizzlers are NOT gluten free and when I learned that my whole world came crashing down. They are just so dang good (I’m a huge Twizzler fan don’t @ me), and when I kept wondering why they messed up my stomach, I got my unfortunate answer. Read ingredients my friends.

6. Giant Sour Patch Kids

Image result for individually wrapped sour patch kids

Wasn’t a huge fan of these guys mainly because they didn’t stay sour long enough in my opinion since they were so big.

5. Whoppers

Image result for snack sized whoppers

I hated whoppers, I still do, I don’t even think anyone truly ‘craves’ a whopper ever. One of those candies you generously ‘gave’ to your parents when you got it because you didn’t want it.

4. Mini Midnight Milky Ways, Milky Ways, 3 Musketeers & Snickers

Image result for fun size midnight milky way

GUYS. MIDNIGHT MILKY WAYS. The besttttttt. The vanilla flavoring with the marshmellowy texture in the middle was my life growing up. I lived for Halloween because for some reason my brain thought it was the only time you could get your hands on one of these. The others are great too, I just had to rave for a minute there.

3. Mini Nerds

Still not a huge fan of nerds, but I definitely got way too many on Halloween that I most certainly did not ask for.

2. Fun Sized Hershey Bars, Mr. Goodbar, Krackle, and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate

Use to be super selective and only pick out the milk chocolate basic bars, that was until I tasted the mr. Goodbars. My life was changed after that moment. Honestly, really any chocolate with nuts in it is the way to my heart.

1. King Sized Bars

Everyone had that one street or block in town they’d go to because they knew there’d be some king sized big boys. Whenever I saw a plate of full sized bars, I went to town (aka they would only let me pick one so I took a solid 5 minutes making a selection).

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