The Disney Tag

Hello Everyone! I thought I would join the trend and make a Disney Tag Q&A! Below you’ll find my answers to these fabulous Disney questions!

1. Favorite character? Tinkerbell definitely
2. Favorite princess? Rapunzel
3. Favorite heroine? Merida
4. Favorite prince? Flynn Rider
5. Favorite hero? Hercules
6. Favorite animal character? Mickey of course!
7. Favorite sidekick? Timon and Pumbaa
8. Favorite villain? Maleficent
9. Favorite Disney Score? Pirates of the Caribbean
10.Favorite song? When You Wish Upon A Star or Part of Your World
11. Favorite villain song? Poor Unfortunate Souls
12. Least favorite song? I can’t decide they’re all great
13. Favorite love song? Tale as Old as Time
14. First movie I ever saw? Bug’s Life I think?
15. Favorite classic? Peter Pan
16. Least favorite classic? Dumbo (those pink elephants gave me nightmares)
17. Favorite Pixar movie? FINDING NEMO
18. Least favorite Pixar movie? Cars
19. Favorite sequel? Toy Story 3
20. Overrated movie? Frozen (I’m sorry but it took away the Malestrom in Epcot)
21. Underrated movie? Meet the Robinsons
22. Favorite Studio Ghibli? Kiki’s Delivery Service!
23. Scene/moment in any Disney movie that never fails to make you cry? Definitely a tie between Andy going to college and the first ten minutes of UP
24. Favorite scene from favorite movie? Spinach puff scene from Emperors New Groove
25. Saddest death? Bambi’s mom
26. Favorite quote? “Just Keep Swimming”
27. Favorite theme park? Magic Kingdom
28. Favorite attraction? Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean (can’t pick just one!)
29. Favorite show in the parks? Wishes
30. Favorite resort at Disney World? Port Orleans
31. Favorite Restaurant in Disney? Tea at the Grand Floridian
32. Favorite Food at the Parks?
Waffle sandwich with Nutella and Fruit

I hope you enjoyed my Disney Tag! Feel free to comment your answers below! Also check out and subscribe to my future DCP roommate’s vlog: Sabrina’s Disney Tag


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