The Disney Tag Round 2

Hello! Since I will be starting the next part of my Disney journey in just a few short (agonizing) months, I felt it was time to create another Disney Tag! I had a really fun time creating one for the last program, and I’m curious to see if any of my preferences have changed! So here it is, The Disney Tag Round 2!

  1. Favorite Animal-
  2. Favorite Character- Tinkerbell (we have matching sass levels I’d say)
  3. Favorite Classic- Peter Pan
  4. Least Favorite Classic- Snow White
  5. Favorite Hero- Hercules
  6. Favorite Heroine- Megara
  7. Favorite Kiss- Anna and Kristoff
  8. Favorite Love Song- I Won’t Say I’m In Love
  9. Favorite Original Character- Dory
  10. Favorite Pixar Film- FINDING NEMO
  11. Favorite Prince- Does Flynn Rider count?? cause like come on
  12. Favorite Princess- Rapunzel
  13. Favorite Quote- “If You Can Dream It, We Can Do It”- Walt Disney
  14. Favorite Sequel- FINDING DORY
  15. Favorite Sidekick- Pascal
  16. Favorite Song- Let It Go
  17. Favorite Theme Attraction- Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Space Mountain (the options are limitless)
  18. Favorite Theme Park- Magic Kingdom of course!
  19. Favorite Theme Park Show- Happily Ever After (even though Wishes will still have a special place in my heart
  20. Favorite Villain- Maleficent
  21. Favorite Villain Song- Probably Be Prepared
  22. Least Favorite Pixar Film- uhhhh Wall-E sorry haha
  23. Least Favorite Song- Kiss The Girl (something about it drives me nuts)
  24. Movie That Makes You Cry- Have you ever seen the first few minutes of UP????
  25. Movie That Makes You Laugh- Lion King 1/2
  27. Saddest Death- WHO’S YOUR FRIEND THAT LIKES TO PLAY (still crying)
  28. Song that always gets stuck in your head- THERE’S A GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL TOMORROWWWWWW
  29. The First Movie You Saw- Good question
  30. The Saddest Scene From Your Favorite Movie- HOW COME NO ONE HELPED DORY FIND HER PARENTS GOSH DARN IT
  31. Underrated Movie- MEET THE ROBINSONS

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