15 Creative Easter Desserts You Can Make At Home

Dang looking back at my Easter dessert article posted around this time last year, who would have thought many of us would still be living life in quarantine? Unfortunately, this has clearly become the new normal for many, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t keep the spirit of different holidays alive! What better way to bring some Easter cheer than creating some fun pastel desserts?? I picked these desserts because they don’t only sound delicious to eat, but they become a fun activity just to make! Grab a socially distant friend, family member, or child, and dive right on into these fun little creations! Enjoy!

15. Easter Oreo Bark From Suburban Simplicity

Figured I’d start off with an easy bark recipe! I loved the look of this specific recipe because all the colors are just so bright and vibrant! Plus who doesn’t love a little Oreo cookie addition! For the full bark recipe and how-to, check out Suburban Simplicity’s site here: Easter Oreo Bark That’s Super Easy! – Suburban Simplicity

14. Easter Bunny Race Car Treats with Peeps! From Living Locurto

Talk about a fun activity that turns into a tasty treat! These little racers are marshmallow and cream packed! I’d say this definitely a time it’s totally acceptable to play with your food! To let this recipe race on into your kitchen, check out Living Locurto’s site here: Easter Peeps Desserts | Bunny Twinkie Race Cars (livinglocurto.com)

13. Pastel Peanut Butter Cups From Erinn Burke On Brit+Co

I thought this was the cutest little recipe and I knew I had to include it! It’s such a great and colorful twist to a classic candy! I for one LOVE mini Reese’s PB cups (probably an addiction at this point) and these bad boys have a great Easter take on the treat! For the full recipe from Erinn Burke on Brit+Co, check out her article here!


12. Easter Chicks Cupcakes From Pillsbury

Such a simple concept with an adorable outcome! Anyone can make these cuties! Plus who doesn’t love a little extra coconut in their life? Unless you’re allergic to it, then nevermind don’t do that. ANYWAYS, for the full recipe by Pillsbury, check out their site here.

11. Easter Mini Lemon Tarts From Yummiest Food

For people who love their lemon desserts, then this is the perfect dessert option for you! I, myself, am not a giant lemon person, but even I can’t resist these spring flowers. Definitely a little more on the complicated side to create, but still a fun activity to do! For the full recipe from the Yummiest Food, check out their site here!

10. Pistachio Pudding Dessert Parfaits From Finding Zest

I’m also not a giant pistachio dessert person either, but hey, once again this dessert was just so creative, I couldn’t help but showcase it. I love trying to find a large variety of desserts and flavors so my articles appeal to everyone! These little treats create their own landscape and I love it! For the full how to and recipe by Finding Zest, check out their site here!

9. Easter Muddy Buddies From Elizabeth Lampman On Frugal Mom Eh!

This is for all my savory people out there! This is a great treat for anyone looking for a little munchy food! These Muddy Buddies have a great pastel twist that really bring out the Easter vibes. For the full recipe by Frugal Mom Eh!, check out her site here!

8. Easter No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes From Sugar Hero!

I absolutely LOVE the colors on these mini cheesecakes. The vibrancy and matching eggs on top will really make these treats stand out from the rest! The recipe will definitely take some skill to achieve in terms of making each layer even and straight, but wow, talk about a great finished product! So worth the activity! For the full recipe by Sugar Hero!, check out her site here!


7. Bird Nest Bundt Cakes From  Rachel Quenzer On The Everyday Mom Life

It is just me or does cake just overall taste better when its in Bundt form? Just me? Okay, well just take my word for it (trust me). Anyways, not only does cake taste better in Bundt form, but turn that Bundt into a Peeps nest and boom, you got yourself a deliciously-award winning creation! For the full instructions and how-to for this recipe by Rachel Quenzer on The Everyday Mom Life, check out her article here: Bird Nest Bundt Cakes For Easter Dessert The Everyday Mom Life

6. Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles From Cakes Cottage

How can you go wrong when it comes to cookie dough? The answer is you can’t really. So slap that uncooked dough into egg form and cover it in chocolate then BOOM, you got yourself a delicious Easter truffle. For the full how-to on these delicious little truffle treats by Cakes Cottage, check out their site here!

5. Krispie Treat Easter Carrots From Cincy Shopper

NOW TIME FOR SOME OF MY FAVORITE DESSERTS: RICE KRISPIE TREATS. I don’t know if it’s the marshmallow or the heart attack inducing amount of butter, but man I live for a good rice krispie treat! I also love how creative you can be with them. You can literally shape them into whatever you want so it truly makes it a great treat for every holiday! For these adorable carrot treats by Cincy Shopper, check out her site here!

4. Mini Cakes For Easter From My Turn For Us

Once again I am LOVING these colors! I think I’m a pastel kinda gal. Still definitely a more advanced dessert to create, but so worth the attempt! For the full recipe by My Turn For Us, check out their site here!


3. Chocolate Mousse Pots With Strawberry Carrots From Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

Now this one is a little different for me. This recipe comes from a YouTube channel instead of a recipe article. I love the way she explains the how-to for this adorable Mousse Pot. Plus the entire thing looks so authentic! For this recipe and more, check out Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking video above as well as her entire YouTube Channel!

2. Easter Pink Velvet Cheesecake Trifle From Something Swanky

Does this not look like one of the most delicious things ever!? I, for one, love a good trifle (usually in chocolate form), but I will happily set my chocolate obsession aside for this pastel beauty! Plus I am the unpopular opinion that believe having Peeps added to anything automatically makes it taste better. I love me some Peeps. Anyways, before I start craving a Peep right now, go check out Something Swanky’s website here for the full recipe!

1. Easter Dessert Kabobs From Inspired By Charm

Andddddd *drumroll* per usual I save what I believe the be the best for last! Love all Easter desserts or anything pastel? Can’t decide what kind of dessert you want to make? Maybe you want a lot of options but aren’t having a crowd? Well LOOK NO FURTHER because I give you: The Easter Dessert Kabob. Genius. Truly genius. I love the concept and it just looks so picturesque! For this awesome recipe by Inspired By Charm, check out their site here!

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