15 Things That MADE Any Sleepover As A 90s/00s Kid

Back before everyone had their own cell phones, social media to browse, or personal laptops, we had to get pretty creative as to how to throw a rockin sleepover. So here is a nostalgic list of all the EPIC things we did to have an EPIC sleepover as a 90s/00s kid.

15. Tiger Beat, J-14 & Seventeen

Which celebrity would I get along with? Who is my celebrity boyfriend!? Clearly these were the answers we NEEDED back then and the only way to truly find out was to buy any of these ~classy~ kid friendly magazines. I personally loved the giant fold out posters each magazine came with or the the “OMG” pages.

14. Did Each Other’s Nails & Makeup & Hair

What better way to spend a night than to glam up and go absolutely no where!? Am I right?? Somehow the best part of sleepovers tended to be getting your hair straightened or nails painted in hopes they would stay just as glamorous into the next day to fully show off.

13. Freezing Someone’s Bra

I remember in middle school we would all panic and try not to be the first one to fall asleep at a sleepover. Why? Well first was asleep usually meant first one to be pranked and if you were like my friends, it usually meant bra in the freezer. What better way to start the morning after a sleepover than having to put on a ice cold bra to fully wake you up.

12. Mystery Date & Mall Madness (Or Ouija)

Depended on the mood you guys were in that night really. Like were ya feeling like finding a boyfriend or fighting over Chris Evans’ (yes he was a model for the game back in the day) card in Mystery Date? Or were you feeling like finding the best deals at the mall? OR did you decide to take a terrifying turn and talk to the dead? That escalated quickly.

11. Dance Parties & Hairbrush Singing

GET MY BOOMBOX, TURN ON RADIO DISNEY OR KISS, AND LET’S JAM. Everyone use to love grabbing that hairbrush microphone and sing their little hearts out like they were the next big winner on American Idol (back when it was GOOD).

10. Fighting Over The Sims & Dream Life

When we would decide it was time to play a game on the tv or on our single desktop computer, it usually came down to the Sims or Dream Life. For those of you who don’t know what either of these games are, GET WITH IT. Anyways, if your sleepover was with one other person the rule usually was each player got a “day” in the game before giving the other person a turn. Only issue was it usually turned into a fight on how each person decided to spend that “day” while the other person watched on.

9. Photo Shoot On Your Parents Digital Camera

Digital camera? Time to take some ~crazy~ pics that you will regret developing the next day! This usually occurred either after you got all glammed up or during your hairbrush rock concert.

8. Messaging Your Crush

Peer-pressure or sleepover courage? The world may never know, but something about bringing a group of young girls together somehow usually led to being encouraged to message your crush on AIM or Facebook. They don’t respond the way you wanted them to? That’s when you lie and claim your friend hacked you. Problem solved and embarrassment avoided.

7. StumbleUpon & FML

StumbleUpon was such a weird website, but my friends and I would love to explore the random places it brought you to. FML on the other hand was a hilarious website to make you feel better about yourself after listening to others’ misfortunes. Middle school me would scoff at the embarrassing moments people would post about, who knew I’d grow up to be the living embarrassment????


You can’t have a group of Elementary or Middle School girls together without a gossip session coming into play. Did you see Mikey let Julia borrow his pencil in class today? I can already hear the wedding bells ringing. Scandalous really.

5. Prank Calls

Back in the day of *67 or only knowing people’s home numbers, you had to get pretty creative with your prank calls. I remember one time my friend prank called her brother’s friends house. Without realizing it was the home phone number. She then, in a split second decision, decided to lower her voice and pretend to be her brother when the parents answered the phone. Quite the time.

4. Staying Up LATE

I may be in my 20s, but I still don’t know how younger me was able to stay up so late with little to no repercussions. 3am, 4am, 6am!? Who was I. Like if you didn’t stay up till at least 2 or 3am you were considered lame. Well, I’d like to say that I am very lame now by those standards.

3. PIZZA & Munchies

The night usually started with the ordering of pizza for the crew. Or if your parents were in a really good mood that night they’d take you to the grocery store to pick out some ~snacks. Either way there was usually an abundance of chips or cookie dough along with pizza on a quality sleepover night.

2. Trip To Blockbuster AHEAD Of Time

IMPORTANT. Before the age of fighting over which movie to rent for the night, we had to take the communal (or go before everyone arrived so they couldn’t argue) trip to Blockbuster. This was the ultimate power movie if you wanted to watch a new or popular movie at your sleepover. Plus sometimes you could persuade your parents to buy you some extremely overpriced candy.

1. M.A.S.H.

Last, but definitely the MOST important would be the classic game of M.A.S.H. For the crazy youngin’s out there that have no idea what MASH stands for, it stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shed, or House. Basically the game was a list of categories that would predict your future. And let me tell you, we take these games VERY seriously.

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