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Christmas Brunch!

So when it comes to the holidays, the main reason I find them so important is really based off the idea of spending time with friends and family. I like […]

Decorate The House With Me!

25 Days of Christmas posting bonus right here!! Check out how my family decorates the house for Christmas and what the holidays look like from our household! Please remember to […]

Where Have I Been?

So I’m sure those of you that follow along with my blog have been wondering where I’ve been the past few days/ weeks. I haven’t been posting as regularly and […]

The Real History Behind Thanksgiving

The Real History Behind Thanksgiving Pt. 1: The Pilgrims The Real History Behind Thanksgiving Pt. 2: The Wampanoag Native Americans The Real History Behind Thanksgiving Pt. 3: That First Winter […]

Decorate With Me!

Check out how I decorated my room for Christmas and the final outcome! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting many blog articles in the past few days, I have been […]

Christmas Decoration Haul 2019!

Check out all the awesome decorations I got for my newly redone room! For those of you that know me, Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and […]

Tis The Season!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! What? Too early? Pff never. If you’re anything like me, the stroke of midnight on Halloween means Christmas carols are here to stay! ANYWAYS, now that my […]

Room Renovation Reveal!

It’s finally time!!! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that over the past two months I have slowly been working towards completely revamping my […]