Nintendo DS Lite “Imagine” Games That Every 90s/00s Girl Will Remember

Okay now I’m sure everyone will remember at least one of these basically pointless games. I swear the reason why there is so many different versions of these ‘Imagine’ brand games is because the games were so bland and could do so little, they were easy to keep cranking out new ones. Each version had like one goal and very little variation of the story line changing, so you basically played the same game over and over and over again because the game started and ended within like 15 minutes. SO LETS REMINISCE SHALL WE.

1. Fashion Designer

2. Babyz

3. Teacher

4. Babysitters

5. Family Doctor

6. Resort Owner

7. Music Fest

8. Interior Designer

9 Figure Skater

10. Zookeeper

11. Artist

12. Boutique Owner

13. Detective

14. Animal Doctor

15. Ice Champions

16. Cheerleader

17. Reporter

18. Animal Doctor Care Center

19. Salon Stylist

20. Party Planner

21. Fashion Stylist

22. Sweet 16

23. Rock Star

24. Movie Star

25. Babyz Fashion

26. My Restaurant

27. Teacher Class Trip

28. Ballet Star

29. Makeup Artist

30. Fashion Life

31. Gymnast

32. Wedding Designer

33. Soccer Captain

34. Fashion  Designer: New York

35. Champion Rider

36. Wildlife Keeper

37. Fashion Designer: World Tour


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