15 Strange Vintage Halloween Greeting Cards

Welcome back everyone! Today we are going to focus on some vintage Halloween greeting cards. From looking at past blog posts it seems that I have done vintage greeting cards for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but not for Halloween yet! So here we are with the oddest and strangest vintage cards I could find on the internet, enjoy!

15. All Hallowe’en Greetings

Photo via RiptheSkull on Flickr

14. Check The Mirrors!

Photo via Considerable

13. Beware Of Ye Wiles

12. Halloween Brigade

Photo via Jnniepce on RedBubble

11. A Merry Halloween

Photo via ClipArt Queen

10. Dancing Devils

9. Cake Time

Photo via AltPress

8. Strange Sights

7. Hallowe’en Greeting Goblins?

6. You Auto Have!

Photo via Mimo Prints

5. The ‘Aeroplane’ Witch (1910-1917)

4. Her Prince Charming (1908)

3. Time To Run

2. ‘Halloween Pleasure’ Ya How About No… (1911)

1. What The Boys Did To The Cow (1908)

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