13 Retro Halloween Greeting Cards That Will Leave You With Chills

Good Morning Everyone (or whatever time it is for you)! Today we have a post that is considered a classic on this website! Every holiday I like to make one post regarding weird or unusual vintage postcards from said holiday. So today marks the 3rd Annual Weird Halloween Greeting Card post! Enjoy!

13. How Jolly

It’s just so jolly to know that I will probably be murdered by a Jack-o-Lantern on Halloween!

12. Ridin’ In Style

Now that’s how you do it right. Get the demons to do your heavy lifting.

11. A Bird

If the bird is anything like what she’s flying, I think I’ll pass thanks.


10. Bean Sprout Arms?

They all seem to be very fascinated with this woman’s shoe. They also all look like they have bean sprouts for arms and legs.

9. Dinner?

She’s definitely about to eat those kids.

8. Attention Hog

Image via I-Mockery

To me, it looks like this pumpkin here is trying to show off some cool moves and this attention hog bat is just ruining his moment.


7. Cute

This one was just so cute to me that I had to add it in here. Look at that little pumpkin face and leaf shoes!

6. A Shimmery Halloween

It’s the random floating head’s eyes and teeth that do it for me. I also love the addition of a little shimmer to really enhance the weird.

5. Catching A Ride

Skeleton and Devil look like they’re trying to hitch a ride.

4. A Jolly Parade

These cats look like they just came home from a lit costume party.


3. Man On The Moon

Not sure what’s happening here, but I’m pretty sure this moon is ready to attack.

2. What Holiday Is It?

Image via Love to Know

This is what I say to people in October when I really want it to be Christmas already.

1. The Sketchy Uber

That corn looks like it’s about to rate 1 star.


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