10 Halloween Cookies To Give You Some Dessert Inspiration!

Welcome welcome! So basically after yesterday’s post I couldn’t help but dive right on into my cookie article! The Halloween cookie recipes I found online just looked too good so I had to share them with the world. Time to dive right on into this one, let’s go!

10. Halloween Cookies From Jeannie’s Tried and True Recipes

Talk about an adorable and easy start to this spooky cookie list! Grab some Whoopers or whatever your favorite chocolate ball candy may be and try out these little spider cookies. For this specific recipe to follow or to gain some inspiration by, check out Jeannie’s Tried and True Recipes site here!

9. Death By Halloween Cookies From Delish

I don’t know what it is about these cookies but something about them are just so aesthetically pleasing on a gothic level. The red insides are almost a surprise for anyone who takes a bite and definitely gives them a vampire vibe! For the full how-to from Delish, check out their recipe here.

8. Chocolate Sprinkle Halloween Cookies From Cookies & Cups

There is literally no way to go wrong with this cookie recipe. You have chocolate, sprinkles, and an OREO inbetween!? I’m pre-heating my oven as we speak! Anyways, check out these filling mound cookies from Cookies & Cups on their site here!

7. Halloween Sugar Cookies From A Pretty Life

Aren’t these the cutest little monster sugar cookies you’ve ever seen? Take your classic cookie recipe and bring it up to the ghoulish next level! Such a simple enhancement with some green sprinkles and sugar eyeballs! For the full recipe, check out A Pretty Life’s site here.

6. Marbled Candy Corn Cookies From Betty Crocker

Now for all of those who know me know I have the seemingly unpopular opinion of LOVING Candy Corn! So many people hate on it, yet I find it to be a delicious staple to the Halloween season. But, for the lovers and haters alike, these cookies will bring both groups together! These candy corn dipped cookies are perfect for those looking for their festive fill and others who just prefer to stick to the dessert basics! For the full recipe from Betty Crocker, check out their website here.

5. Halloween Sprinkle Cookies From Butter With A Side Of Bread

Super simple sprinkle cookies for anyone looking to make a last minute treat or for those who aren’t necessarily looking to get too intense in the kitchen! Check out these easy to make treats from Butter With A Side Of Bread’s site here!

4. Cute Chocolate Halloween Cookies From Delicious Everyday

Now these are the cookies for those looking to really put their skills to the test! I love the stain-glass or bloody look their cookies give. The middle cut-outs are super creative and a nice touch to any Halloween get-together! For the full recipe from Delicious Everyday, check out their site here!

3. Halloween Cookies From Crazy For Crust

Spooky take on a classic chocolate chip cookie! Switch your normal M&Ms out for some festive colors of your choice, toss in a few of those sugar eyes, and then BOOM, you got yourself one spooky batch of cookies! Check out Crazy For Crust’s site for the full recipe here.

2. Halloween Peanut Butter Spider Cookies From Mommy Musings

Yet another spidery cookie for those looking to get creative with their baking! But what better way to enhance your baking then by adding peanut butter and lots of it! Double the PB overload by making not only a peanut butter cookie, but slap a Reese’s spider on top! Love the idea! Check out the full recipe from Mommy Musings on their site here!

1. Slice And Bake Halloween Cookies From Sugar Hero!

Now this is a recipe for those obviously looking to take their time with the baking process. Not only are these cookies extremely hands on and imaginative, but they’ll definitely take a keen eye to make just right! For the full list of directions and ingredients, check out Sugar Hero’s site here! Enjoy everyone!

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  1. These are so creative and pretty. I definitely should’ve eaten something before reading this post lol.
    p.s. I started my own craft blog recently, I hope you check it out!

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