Disney Classes Part 1

So by this point you’ve probably been counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the beginning of your program. At this point you know when you’re going, what … Continue reading Disney Classes Part 1

The Disney Tag

Hello Everyone! I thought I would join the trend and make a Disney Tag Q&A! Below you’ll find my answers to these fabulous Disney questions! 1. Favorite character? Tinkerbell definitely 2. Favorite … Continue reading The Disney Tag

The Waiting Game

Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it through all three rounds of interviewing! Now comes probably the hard part of the entire process: waiting. There are definitely a lot of different phases … Continue reading The Waiting Game

Phone Interview

“Why Worry? If You’ve Done The Very Best You Can, Worrying Won’t Make It Any Better.” -Walt Disney  When it comes to the Disney College Program phone interview these are … Continue reading Phone Interview

The Application Process

So you’re in college and you’ve heard about all the wonders the Disney College Program has to offer. Now it’s time to prove to the Company you’d be a great … Continue reading The Application Process