The Application Process

So you’re in college and you’ve heard about all the wonders the Disney College Program has to offer. Now it’s time to prove to the Company you’d be a great addition to their team! The first step in your Disney journey is the application process. This process consists of three rounds: the initial application, the web-based interview, and the phone interview. One of the hardest parts of the process is definitely waiting for the applications to start. I looked online for weeks trying to find a specific date or time frame when the applications might start and couldn’t find much. For the Spring 2017 program applications dropped on August 15th. The applications don’t come out on the same date every year but expect to see them start around mid to the end of August. No matter when it comes out my first tip for you is APPLY EARLY! I only say this because the waiting process can be painful so you might as well start sooner rather than later.

Now on to Round One: the initial application. So applications have started and you’re extremely excited to finally be able to show Disney what you’ve got! Well this first round let’s you do exactly that. The initial application is similar to a resume. Disney doesn’t allow you to upload a resume to send in but they do give you plenty of space to show off your past experience and skills. The first part of the application asks the basics: name, school, GPA. Now the second part is important. The application allows for applicants to write about past job/volunteer experiences and explain the skills you acquired from each. I highly recommend you fit AS MUCH INFORMATION as you can in the space they provide. You want to show Disney why you should move on in the application process. Not everyone makes it past this round so it is important to put down anything you feel will make you stand out! Lastly they will ask you some questions about what roles you are interested in and which location (Florida or California) that you prefer. Once completed and sent in it’s time to start the waiting game. The time varies on when you will receive and email regarding what your next step might be (whether that is moving on to the web-based interview, being told your resume is still being looked over, or unfortunately the dread NLIC or No Longer in Consideration). I waited an hour before I got an email asking me to complete the web-based interview.

Round Two: web-based interview. This is probably the shortest of the three rounds. The web-based interview is a timed online personality test that Disney uses to see if you would be a good fit or “strong candidate” for their team. The web-based interview consists of three parts: Scaling, Multiple Choice, and True or False. In the scaling section you will be given a series of statements and asked to rate them from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Overall the main advice I can give you here is BE HONEST, they will know if you are lying. Just be yourself! If asked to move on you will receive an emailing asking you to proceed to schedule your phone interview! I got an email immediately after my interview ended but timing varies with everyone!

Round Three: phone interview. Congratulations you made it to the phone interview! Now the first step to the phone interview is scheduling. Make sure you pick a time that works best for you! I also recommend you pick the first day available to you because waiting for the phone interview can be hard! Once the interview has been scheduled it’s time to brush up on some Program knowledge. Look over the roles, read the descriptions, and decide which ones you would consider to be your top three choices. This is something that you will be asked during your interview. I also recommend looking up questions that are asked during the phone interviews, this is a great way to practice. I will be post a compilation of questions I have found online and questions I was asked later. Practice as much as you like and feel free to write some bullet points to remind you of things during your call, but do not write down full sentences or a script! You don’t want to sound robotic and often times interviewers can tell if you’re reading from a sheet of paper. When the day finally comes find a quiet place with no distractions and good cell service. I’m sure you’re going to be nervous and don’t worry everyone is! I played Disney park music before my interview to relax me. Always make sure you’re ready at least a half hour before your scheduled time. My interviewer called about five minutes early, but I have heard of other interviews starting 2o minutes early to 30 minutes late so be prepared for anything! Also just like many other blogs suggest, look in a mirror! It really does help keep you smiling and the interviewer will hear the cheer in your voice (I also wore my mouse ears). When the call finally comes just remember to relax, listen to the questions carefully, and write down the interviewers name! Remembering the interviewer’s name is important because it shows you made the effort to listen and you can thank them personally at the end of the interview. Once the interview is done, I recommend ice cream and a pat on the back because you’ve earned it! Now comes the waiting game which I will discuss in a different post. Good Luck Everyone!




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