The Waiting Game

Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it through all three rounds of interviewing! Now comes probably the hard part of the entire process: waiting. There are definitely a lot of different phases you go through when it comes to the waiting process so I decided to explain it through gifs. There are also plenty of things to do to prepare yourself for possible acceptance!


The first thing you’re probably feeling after the phone interview is relief. Odds are you’ve been stressing about this moment for days and now its finally over. Now you’re finally “In Progress.”

Next comes the constant checking of your email and dashboard. If you’re like me and applied on the first day/had your phone interview the first week, you’re going to be waiting a while before acceptances even start. (That still didn’t stop me from checking… ya know just in case)

tfy0elxr564f297528718156572304 So I have two recommendations for you in this phase. One, try to get your mind off the program and focus on other things until the time comes around for acceptances to start. Or once you realize thats close to impossible it’s time to start a little research! I recommend joining the Facebook groups. They’re a great way to find answers to questions and learn a little bit more about the program. You can even start making some friends! I waited until I was accepted to start talking to people just in case I didn’t get in. But there are also plenty of In Progress people who would love to talk Disney while they wait! The Facebook pages are also a great place to find out when acceptances start. Once the acceptances start rolling in trust me you will know.

Once acceptances start and people start posting about their excitement, this is where things can get a little tough. Please please PLEASE do NOT get discouraged if you are not involved in the first wave (a wave is a burst of acceptances). lilo-frustratedIt can be extremely frustrating wondering when your turn will come. You will see people that had their phone interviews the same day as you and even days after you getting accepted. You’ll probably feel a little sad and worried, but as long as your dashboard still says “In Progress” you’re still in the game. tumblr_m6efapyema1qj2vxjIf you’re lucky enough to be a part of the first wave that’s great, but if not don’t give up hope! You’ll probably check your email and dashboard probably once every five minutes in this phase. I know I did, but you have to know everyone goes through the process at different times! Some get accepted the first day and some don’t get accepted until the last. The Facebook pages are great for knowing when a wave is occurring, but it can be tough watching other people getting excited while you’re still In Progress.

As the weeks move on and if you’re like me, you’ll still be checking your dashboard almost constantly.tumblr_m5qm2kad751qbqrtb Your heart will probably stop every time the dashboard page loads, only to feel a burst of relief to see “In Progress” rather than NLIC (No Longer In Consideration). Family and friends will probably ask you if you’ve heard back yet. anigif_enhanced-buzz-9380-1419700491-4You’ll have to hide the stress and explain that you’re still waiting to hear back.

I applied on August 15th, had my phone interview on August 22nd, and didn’t get accepted until September 23rd. I waited over a month and through two waves before I got my acceptance email. It’s crazy that it really does come when you least expect it.tumblr_mpsau5943l1qcuh66o1_500 I always heard people say that, but I never really believed them until the day of the third wave. I had just assumed at that point I wasn’t going to get in, I let the discouragement get to me. Then at 2:30pm Eastern Time, I thought I’d check
my email one more time, assuming I wouldn’t see anything new and that’s when it happened.tumblr_n1nssm4kyt1tq4of6o1_400 I saw the CONGRATULATIONS subject line and nearly threw my phone across the room. Like most I immediately starting crying and told my roommates I was going to Disney World. Next came calling every single person I knew and telling them the news. I realized that the long and stressful wait was completely worth it! When you’re time comes it’ll be the best feeling in the entire world. Even if you have to apply multiple times to get to this point. When that email comes it will be one of the happiest days of your life! Congratulations your dream is just beginning! You have been selected for the Disney College Program!anigif_enhanced-buzz-26768-1419700400-22


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