Disney Classes Part 1

So by this point you’ve probably been counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the beginning of your program. At this point you know when you’re going, what your role is, and you might have even found a few roommates! I’ll make a post about finding roommates and housing a little closer to the start of my program. But now its time to pick (if you choose to) classes! The following is only for the Florida-based program:

What are Disney Classes??

Disney offers an education program for students who are accepted into the College Program. These Disney-oriented classes include seminars, collegiate courses, professional development studies, and distance learning. By signing up for any of these classes, your schedule will be made around your class time and capped at 45 hours a week. Classes are free to DCPs (if you are in a collegiate class DCPs will have to buy/pay for textbooks). Now before I get into the crazy selection process I’m going to go into a bit more detail about the different class options and the actual classes available.


These classes are set to meet once a week for two hours. They are taught by Disney facilitators and explore various aspects of the Walt Disney World Resort. Seminars last four weeks and there are seven to choose from. The seven classes to chose from are Disney Heritage, Disney Marketing & Sales, Disney Environmentality & Sustainability: Creating a Green Culture, Disney Hospitality & Guest Services, Disney Cast Engagement & Human Resources, Disney Environmentality & Sustainability: Inspiring Action, and Disney Leadership 101. Considering I haven’t actually taken any of the classes yet I can’t really say what each one is about. I called this post part 1 because I plan on writing part 3 while on the program. Part 2 will discuss how to actually sign up for the classes. Part 3 will go into more detail about what each class is about and how they fit into your schedule!

Collegiate Courses

These classes are a little more time consuming and intensive because they can count as college credit (You should talk to your school first about whether or not these credits can cross over for you or not!). Classes are four hours a week with homework and there are six to chose from. The six classes to pick from are Disney Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management, Disney Corporate Analysis, Disney Corporate Communication, Disney Creativity & Innovation, Disney Human Resource Management, and Disney Organizational Leadership! Once again I don’t know very much about each class besides the short descriptions from the DCP website so future updates will come later!

Professional Development Studies

These classes are major specific and only focus in on very specific aspects of the Walt Disney World Resort. To be allowed access to these classes you must provide proof that your major matches the classes qualifications. Studies run for two to four hours each week for eight weeks and there are two to choose from. The two options are Engineering and Entertainment Show Production.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is specifically for DCPs who are taking online classes during the program. This allows DCPs to be given a set time each week to focus on their course work and get assignments accomplished. Registration forms and or proof of enrollment in an online class is required before being allowed to take part in distance learning.

Look out for my next post Part 2 where I talk about the signing up process!

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