Where Did Candy Corn Come From?

If there’s one that’s definitely certain about fall, it’s the uncertainty of determining whether Candy Corn is a more loved or hated treat among the general public. Apparently I seem to have the unpopular opinion and love the waxy candy; meanwhile others believe it belongs in the trash. But one thing that just dawned on me yesterday is I have no idea how the candy started and how it became such a big staple of the fall season. So, I put on my research hat and got to work! And that is exactly what I plan on sharing with you all today, where the heck did Candy Corn even come from?

According to my findings, no one actually truly knows where it started from. If anything, it seems to be the great candy mystery of the 1880s when it came to be. But many believe it was all started with an employee by the name of George Renninger of Wunderle Candy Company. During the late 1800s, a lot of the American population was made up of farmers or those in the agricultural fields of work. It was also at this time that the idea of creating mellowcreme candies were a big hit. This in part being due to mellowcreme being easy to mold into fun shapes, such as vegetables, which pleased the farming families. It was then that George supposedly came up with the idea of creating a tricolored treat that we all know today, but he wasn’t the one to truly make it famous (History.com).

The company to actually make Candy Corn what it is today, is actually a company many of us know very well: Jelly Belly Candy Co. (originally known as Goelitz Candy Company). It was right around the turn of the 20th century that candy corn became fully introduced to the public, but not with the name we know today. No, in fact it was originally known as “Chicken Feed,” and this was another way to appeal to the agricultural community (TheDailyMeal.com).

As time went on, the name and atmosphere surrounding the well-known treat may have changed, but the recipe has pretty much stayed the same! Chicken Feed slowly became Candy Corn, and what once was marketed towards farming families suddenly became the hype of Halloween! Today, Candy Corn is mass produced rather than being made by hand (how it was originally done). What’s even crazier to imagine more-so than making each individual kernel by hand, is that today, about 35 million pounds of the stuff is made each year (Vox.com).

So there ya have it folks! Whether you like the candy or not, there’s certainly no getting rid of it any time soon! It’s certainly a traditional staple that will be here to stay for years to come. Thanks for reading everyone! Go buy some candy corn!!

Image via Candyusa.com

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