15 Cereals You Definitely Had For Breakfast If You Were A 90s/00s Kid

I swear you just added the word Crunch to the end of every pop culture item and suddenly it became a breakfast cereal! Favorite character? *character* crunch. Favorite show? *show* crunch. The list goes on and on just see for yourself! I remember a solid majority of these tasty treats, most of which I was only allowed to eat on vacation because of their crazy high sugar contents!

15. French Toast Crunch

Image result for french toast crunch 90s

Use to eat these bad boys all the time at my Aunt’s house. I remember people threw a fit for years when they discontinued them. Luckily for those of you in that fit of rage, they are back and better than ever!

14. Honeycombs

Image result for honeycombs 90s

Did the Honeycomb Craver and his commercials freak anyone else out? Just me? Okay cool.

13. Pop-Tarts Crunch

Image result for pop tarts cereal

Hmmm… if people like our food in full-sized form what if we just made the same food bite sized and add milk to it? Perfect.

12. Frosted Flakes

Image result for frosted flakes 90s

How can we make a cereal popular if it doesn’t end in Crunch?? I don’t know just slap a sports player on the front or something! Literally their thought process I swear.

11. Oreo O’s

Once again we have my point of shrinking food items and turning the concept into cereal. But to be real, I always thought that lil’ milk oreo man on the box was cool as heckkk.

10. Reptar Crunch

Image result for reptar crunch 90s

Point and case. But I’ll be real I still live for the Rugrats. You could totally catch me munchin’ on some good ol’ Reptar Crunch if it still existed today.

9. Kix (Preferably Berry Berry Kix)

I remember back in the day when we played VHS tapes in the car, I could not tell you what show it was, but this commercial for Berry Berry Kix would ALWAYS come on before the show started. I remember seeing it over and over again and being obsessed with the idea of eating them and I still enjoy them now!

8. Count Chocula

Related image

The Halloween edition of Lucky Charms in my person opinion. Never tried them but I’m pretty sure my brother did solely for the aesthetic.

7. Green Slime

Image result for green slime cereal 90s

Cause who doesn’t wanna eat a cereal based off goo that is usually poured over some child’s head on Nick TV? Yum yum yum.

6. Lucky Charms

I use to love these commercials. You could say they were… magically delicious. I’m sorry but I had to. Also I highly support the new selling of just the marshmallows because I would make an effort to eat all the little puffs out of the cereal bowl first simply so I could save the best (the marshmallows) to enjoy last.

5. Smacks

Image result for smacks 90s

I don’t think I ever actually tried these cereals, they just never seemed appealing plus I hate frogs. But I do distinctly remember that Golden Crisp bear. I think he had like a super low voice or something in the commercials if I am remembering correctly.


Read a theory online that maybe the reason why Trix are circular now is because you can only see the actual shapes if you’re a kid because Trix are for kids and were all grown up now. Shook man. Food in shape form just taste better. Companies are getting lazy with their food designs.

3. Dino Pebbles

I was never into fruity pebbles but I distinctly remember the commercials for the Dino Pebbles.

2. Capt’n Crunch

Guys I use to LIVEEEE for Cap’n Crunch. I still would but I’m pretty sure it has Gluten in it so sad life over here. But I loveddd the taste of this cereal and all of it’s amazing sugary goodness. Also how did I never know about this Christmas Crunch? Little old me would have been in holiday heaven!

1. Cookie Crisp

This cereal was a huge special treat for me. If we got this cereal it usually mean’t we were on vacation. It was the only time my parents would let me consume this much unhealthy sugary substance for breakfast. I swear I could go through a box of it by myself in two days. I was obsessed with the mini cookie flavor. Although I never got a chance to try the sprinkle version, I’m sure it’s just as tasty.

I hope you are all craving cereal now after this like I am.

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