15 Presents Every 90s/00s Kid BEGGED Santa For

Hello everyone! As we know like I’ve said before, this year Christmas is very different than in the past. The world is definitely in a time of uncertainty (mainly the US…) surrounding Covid-19 and because of that many can’t have the Christmas celebrations that they know and love. It is definitely a tough time for many people, me included, especially since I can’t see many of my family members. I also apologize for not posting as much as I have in the past year for Christmas! I am trying to post when I can :). With that being said, I decided to take a step back and remember some crazy presents from Christmas’ Past. Lets all come together, feel some nostalgia, and remember all the presents that probably made our parents fight other parents in the store if you were a 90s/00s kid! Enjoyyyyyy!

15. Razor Scooter

Nothing like a nice scooter to the ankle as a way of saying Merry Christmas amiright!

14. Furby

I NEVER understood the trend when it came to these little demon-eyed creatures. Don’t they just scream murder!? No? Just me thinking that? Welp I bet you regretted it when yours ran low on battery and it started talking all by itself! Or in the middle of the night randomly…. because they’re POSSESSED.

13. Tamagotchi

Did these get banned at anyone else’s school? We hid them in our desks and after a few accidental beeps coming from our dying Tamagotchis they were allowed only at recess. When that didn’t work it became a no no overall. We use to have one designated person every recess that would ‘babysit’ everyones Tamagotchis so they wouldn’t die while we played. See a trend? THEY ALWAYS DIED.

12. American Girl Dolls

THE BEST DOLLS OUT THERE. STILL TO THIS DAY IF YOU ASK ME. They were historically accurate, fun to play with, a little too expensive, and came with books describing a girl’s life during the time period in which the doll came from. AMAZING AND EDUCATIONAL. My first American Girl Doll was Felicity’s friend Elizabeth from Colonial America. I swear they’re half the reason I love history so much! For more on my love of American Girl Dolls and their importance (in my opinion) to young children’s growth, check out my article here: 10 Reasons Why The American Girl Brand Is So Important To Girls & Boys

11. Webkinz

I loved this almost as much as I loved Club Penguin. I remember the stuffed animals use to be ridiculously expensive solely for their online code! I use to have all the horses, pegasus and the unicorn!

10. Playstation 1, 2, & GameCube

PlayStation 2 was my actual life. The Spongebob Movie game, KINGDOM HEARTS, The Sims, The Series of Unfortunate Events game, and the list goes on and on! So wild. I never personally had a GameCube but I LOVED playing the Bratz game at my friends house.

9. Easy Bake Oven

Gotta love lightbulb food that my mom always let me bake but never eat cause she thought it would kill me. Good times.

8. iPod Nanos or The Classic

I remember all my friends had the iPod nanos or classic and I use to be AMAZED that you could actually listen to whatever song you wanted, by whatever artist, whenever you wanted. Talk about life changing! I started off on a strong note when after years of living in awe, I received an iPod Touch as my first ever Apple product one year for Christmas. Tbt.

7. Guitar Hero & RockBand

I had RockBand in my household and I swear no one ever wanted to sing on the microphone. Everyone wanted the guitar and even though there were three different roles, it was still a fight over the one instrument. Then came fighting over the song. Good times.

6. Game Boy Color & Advance & Nintendo DS

I LIVED for that deep blue Game Boy Advance. I had The Sims Bustin Out on it and I personally was a Pokemon Sapphire girl. I spent way too many hours on that thing. Playing it in the sun was impossible. Then came the Nintendo DS where I was more of a Cooking Mama and Diner Dash girl over Nintendogs.

5. DreamLife & Designer’s World

My friends and I would spend playdates switching off playing ‘days’ in the game on Dream Life. We would fight over whether we skipped school and went to the mall, or got a job and kept up with our chores!

4. Moonshoes

You would literally be lucky if you got maybe an inch off the ground with these. Definitely did not reach the moon. Maybe reached a sprained ankle at best.

3. Dance Dance Revolution

The original way of getting exercise through a gaming device. Talk about a good time that low key caused a lot of stress. Gotta get those steps down!

2. Desktop Computer (Preferably With The Sims)

Have I talked about the sims enough yet? Can you tell I was (still am) obsessed? I remember the first time playing it on my friend’s desktop computer and I knew from that moment on I NEEDED it. I got as many expansion packs as I could get my hands on (Makin’ Magic was by far the best as well as House Party) and I was definitely too young to be playing the T rated game at first.

1. Cabbage Patch Kids

Decided to save the best for last. Cabbage Patch dolls. Did you know that they literally caused riots at Christmas when they first came out? Google it because it’s actually so fascinating and wild to see the pure chaos these little dolls caused. Also the concept is still so strange to me. A doll. That was born or sprouted from Cabbage. interesting….


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