15 Board Games You Definitely Played If You Grew Up In The 90s/00s

Now when it comes to ‘old’ board games, I don’t plan on addressing the classics. Monopoly, Life, Battleship, Clue, etc? Classics. I am here to focus on games that are either no longer popular due to newer technology, have been revamped with the latest trends, or games that down right confuse us as to how we were even entertained by them back in the day. Either way, enjoy.

15. Kerplunk

This game was extremely fun… until you had to reset it. Basically the gist of the game was that you each pulled out a stick from the pit and the person who caused all the marbles to fall out from their stick loses. This of Jenga but with a lot more noise at the end and a lot of sticks to put back into place.

14. American Girl 300 Wishes Game

This game was honestly so odd, but so fun. The concept of the game was you would play with three other friends and each friend would get a ‘diary.’ The diary was a plastic box with a slot on the top. This allowed players to slip ‘wish’ cards into each others diaries. Each card has a bucket list type wish written on it (ex. becoming president), and it was your job to pick a wish that you felt best represented a wish each one of your friends would have. At the end of each round everyone would read their wishes and pick the top one (chosen by a friend) that fit their actual goals in life. It’s like Apples to Apples basically.

13. Crocodile Dentist

Don’t press on the wrong tooth or else you’re in for a finger biting surprise! Yes, you guessed it! If the title didn’t completely give it away, you are in charge of finding out which tooth is bothering you’re good ol’ crocodile pal. The unfortunate dentist to select the painful tooth will get chomped down on and lose.

12. Taboo

NO NO IT’S NOT THAT, IT’S THE OTHER THING WITH THAT. And that my friend’s is pretty much the type of nonsense you heard when playing Taboo. Basically you had to get your teammate to say every word on your Taboo card but the obvious twist being you yourself could not say the word on the card. (In the wise words of Billie Eilish: “Duh”)

11. Mouse Trap

You’re a mouse and you’re trying to get to the end of the board game before your fellow mouse pals. Oh and the board game is covered with booby traps to try and catch you and your little friends. DON’T GET CAUGHT!

10. Pizza Party

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea how to actually play this game, I just distinctly remember playing with all the topping chips on the board game and creating imagine pizzas.

9. Chutes & Ladders

I honestly really only played the computer version of this game but it was fun either way.

8. Trouble

I remember playing this game and getting really aggressive with the pop dice in the middle and well… getting into trouble.

7. Cadoo

Act It, Sculpt It, Quiz It, Other ‘Its’, welcome to Cadoo. The completely random game where you basically did anything and everything in order to advance. First one to do the most random things in a timely manner correctly won!

6. Scattergories

I still have this game and if you even tap the board incorrectly I swear the timer inside will still go off… and NEVER stop. ANYWAYS. You rolled a letter dice and start the timer. Then you would open your booklet and would be given a list of categories in which you would have to fill in the blanks with words using the letter chosen. So much harder than it sounds.

5. Mall Madness

OMG there’s a huge sale going on at *insert random stores name here*. Welcome to Mall Madness, the wicked cool board game that came with TWO floors. You had to pick out your super hip little character to bop around the mall and get all the latest fashions before your friends do!

4. Hungry Hungry Hippos

For some reason something in my head told me that this game got banned because the Hippos were eating kids finger. After some Google research, clearly I’m just crazy because you can literally buy it on Amazon for $9 (Just in case anyone was curious). If you haven’t already gotten the hint yet, basically you click a little lever LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, over, and over, and over, again to make your hippos mouth go up and down. The hippo that collects the most little white balls at the end wins. If you don’t know this game you live under a rock.

3. Pretty Pretty Princess

Back then you definitely did NOT want the black ring but today I’d probably rock that thing. Dark like my soul. right, ahem, anyways. Pretty Pretty Princess was basically the best game I would force my Dad to play with me. The goal was to collect all the jewelry of the same color by spinning a spinner. You could steal other people’s jewelry if you landed on an item they had if you needed it, but beware the black ring. If you landed on the black ring you were basically stuck until you either spun it again or someone else did. The winner who managed to get all the same color jewelry pieces together was deemed the (you guessed it) pretty pretty princess and got to wear the royal plastic crown! Spoiler alert. It hurt your head.

2. Perfection

This game is why I have anxiety issues. Picture little Victoria just chillin in her Nana’s basement and opening this torn up old Perfection game box. Every time I knew what was coming yet the adrenaline I guess kept me going. The game was like a puzzle, you had oddly shaped pieces and matching slots you had to put them in. It was your goal to match all the pieces to their slots before the buzzer ran out. If you didn’t make it in time the board piece would spring up and shoot all the pieces into the air without warning.
A N X I E T Y.

1. Mystery Date

Young. Chris. Evans. Nuff said right there honestly. But in retrospect, there have been a TON of versions of this game throughout the history of it’s existence. But the version I am familiar with included a phone and a beautiful surfer with a VERY similar (wink wink) resemblance to our lovely Captain America. My friends and I from a very young age would constantly fight to get Chris Evans to come to OUR party.

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