20 Nostalgic Commercials That You Definitely Forgot About But Watched Every Day If You Were A 90s/00s Kid

Goooooood morning everyone! Happy Friday! Today, I decided my nostalgia was feeling a little different. I always love seeing pictures of old toys and products that I use to love as a kid, but then I got to thinking. During the holidays, one of my favorite blog posts to make is old Christmas commercials that really bring the nostalgia back to life. So why not do that for commercials we probably saw almost every day as a kid? So here it is! There was so many to choose from I might need to do a second post! And for those of you who like my other articles that don’t revolve around nostalgia, don’t worry, they’ll be more coming your way soon! I am very slow to posting recently, because I actually got my job back! Since the pandemic started I was furloughed, and now I am very lucky to say I have started working remotely again. Anyways, please enjoy some of these throwback commercials that I found on YouTube! I apologize if the quality or sound is off, obviously these are not my videos and I tried to watch all of them to make sure none of them are spoofs. But of course if anything is off with one of the videos, please let me know in the comments! Enjoy 🙂

20. Zoobooks

19. ZooPals Plates

18. The Eggo Waf-Fulls Commercial (2002)

17. Gushers (1997)

16. Nickelodeon Magazine (2003?)

15. Baby Bottle Pops (1998)

14. Floam (2005)

13. Education Connection

12. Tootsie Roll Pop (Original 1970)

11. All The Old Apple Jacks Commercials

10. Cocoa Puffs

9. Six Flags

8. Literally ALL Of The Disney Parks Commercials

7. The Disney Channel Original Movie Starter Commercial

6. Also “And You’re Watching Disney Channel” (I Promise I’m Done With Disney lol)

5. Chia Pets

4. Mickeys Magix Cereal (Feat. Josh Hutcherson & Mickey)

3. Wonder Ball (2000)

2. Chef Boyardee

1. Got Milk? Mario Edition


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