Most Popular Christmas Toys From The 90s

If you were a 90s baby, or maybe even an 80s one, or maybe you just love toys, let’s check out some of the top selling toys from every Christmas from the 90s! I hope this fills you with all the nostalgia and I’m hoping to make this a mini series leading up until now! ENJOY!


Ninja Turtle Action Figures and Barbie Color Change Makeup Center from Mattel were some of the top trending toys for boys and girls from 1990. I for one know my cousin was OBSESSED (may still be) with ninja turtles when he was a kid in the 90s! Let me know if you had any of the toys listed below in the comments!


Super Nintendo System and Crimp N’ Curl Cabbage Patch Kid from Cabbage Patch Kids were some of the top trending toys from 1991! Wow throwback to Cabbage Patch Kids.


Barbie’s Dream House from Mattel and and The Rockin’ Robot Cassette Player/Recorder from Playskool were hot commodities in 1992. BARBIE DREAM HOUSE FOR THE ABSOLUTE WIN RIGHT!? Plus all I can think about is Toy Story and the Rockin Robot Cassette that was in it as like a secret informant.


Bean Babies and The Aladdin Game were some of the tops from 1993. I still have so many beanie babies scattered around my house and I guess some can be worth a fortune now?? Also The Aladdin Game literally just got remade this game because the 90s ARE BACK BABY!


Dear Diary and Power Ranger Action Figures were huge in the 1994 back when you just hadddd to keep all your secrets from that pesky nosey little brother of yours!


More Beanie Babies and Teacher Barbie were apparently the thing ins 1995. Clearly people just can’t get away from Beanie Babies, the craze is still hot at this point; meanwhile Barbie is starting to add to her impressive list of careers.


In the best year of existence (aka the year I was born), Tickle Me Elmo was the big new trend before it started haunting peoples’ dreams. It also caused a LOT of fights in stores for people to try and get their hands on this creepy little giggle. Sky Dancers were also a big thing and I remember LOVING these things once I was ya know born and grown a little. My friend Aimee literally use to have all of them I swear. Pretty sure now they’re all recalled for flying into kids’ faces and causing injuries (bunch of babies).


We got the double T’s for this one Tamagotchis and Teletubbies were the big thing this year. My mom still believes Teletubbies are sending subliminal messages to kids to make them focus on the show because she said it was the only thing that would make me stop, sit, and stare at when it was on. Meanwhile Tamagotchis were like all the rage when I was in elementary school so it clearly had to have made a comeback trend in later years here.


One word: Furbies. This one doesn’t even need a companion toy. Furby was by far one of the craziest toy crazes I have ever known. Parents were going ballistic trying to get their hands on one of these things before the holidays hit. Now they probably still all regret it after it started speaking in the middle of the night or it’s plastic eyes were starring into your soul for a little too long. Those toys are creepy and will forever be creepy to me.



Watch out world. This year is when Pokemon had their first huge breakthrough in the trading card industry. I remember collection SO MANY cards and trading them with my cousins, but 1999 was the first year that they became a smash hit for the holidays! Baby Annabell Dolls were also a hit to let everyone be their own mini mother, but I’m here to focus more on the cards.

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