15 Memes That Any 90s/00s Kid Will Understand Without Any Context

Hello guys! Long time no see, I know. The world tends to go a little too fast for me to be able to keep up sometimes. With the holidays and the state of the world, things can definitely get a little hectic at times. Anyways! Whenever I feel down, my favorite way to cope is to take a walk down memory lane! So why not do that right now? Today, we’re going to take a look at 15 memes from the 00s/90s that any kid from that era will understand right away without any context necessary! Enjoy!

15. Oil Beads

These things were so fun to play with outside of the bath and low key gross when they exploded.

14. Woohoo

Unpopular (or maybe popular?) opinion: The Sims 3 will forever be the best.

13. Polly Pockets

If you know, you know.

12. Friday Night At It’s Best

The worst was when you went with your sibling instead of your BFF and you had to ‘agree’ on one movie…

11. Meme Dedication 101

Then your silly putty would turn black and it would get all over your hands. Good times.

10. Folding It Just Right

Will you be my boyfriend? Mark yes or no.

9. Mouse Problems

8. Multiplayer

Arrow keys for player one and ASD for player two.

7. Ghosts

6. The Trauma and Pain

5. Livin The DREAM

4. Art Class

Then there would always be that one kid in the class who messed up and put their painting on top of yours…

3. The BEST Day In Gym

That and field day!

2. School Dayz

Especially when the Bill Nye theme song popped on or a movie sleeve was sitting on top of the VCR player.

1. And Lastly, The HARDEST Decision of Your Life

If the WordArt didn’t fit the mood of what you were making, then the whole thing was basically ruined.


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