5 Disney Online Gaming Communities That Will Give You MAJOR Nostalgia

Okay now this is an articles for all the old souls out there. This one’s going to hit every RIGHT in the feels, I just know it. Whether you were a kid and part of one of these online communities, or a parent watching to approve of it’s content, these 5 Disney online communities were the best of the best. RIP to ALL.

5. Pixie Hollow

For anyone who was a big fan of the redone Tinkerbell movies, then the Pixie Hollow website was the perfect place for you. Pixie Hollow was an online community where you could make your own fairy (or sparrow man of course), and explore all that Pixie Hollow had to offer. You could go to Pixie Parties or even discover your talent! The site officially came to an end unfortunately on March 3rd, 2017.

4. Toontown Online

What’s better than teaming up with Mickey and the gang to defeat the materialistic Cogs?! The whole premise of Toontown was basically you created a ‘toon’ alter ego (usually a strangely colored variation of a duck, cat, dog, cow, mouse, etc.) to help defeat the ‘big business’ villains known as Cogs (the irony I know). Cogs were basically business men that wanted to suck the fun and color out of Toontown’s world. The Online world allowed you to level up by battling against cogs, as well as playing mini games with Mickey and his friends (THE ICE CREAM GAME). You could also buy a house and the strange pet creatures known as Doodles.

3. Pirates of The Caribbean Online

One of my absolute favorites right here. If you’re like me and a huge pirates fan then this world was beyond what any swashbuckler could wish for! You wake up after a groggy, unremembered night and find Jack Sparrow standing over you (great start to anything really). Then next thing ya know you’re whisked away into the pirate lifestyle. Travel to Tortuga, Port Royal, and a bunch of islands that are mentioned in movies but never explored until you discover them! You battled pirates of the undead and giant creatures, gained crew members and bought ships, you could even get a tattoo! Unfortunately all my lollygagging came to a tragic end on September 19, 2013. Best online subscription I ever begged my parents to pay for. Hands down. Okay well actually #2 might top that.

2. Club Penguin

FIT ME RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD FEELS. Guys I was ALWAYS a peach penguin with pink puffles swarming my pink igloo. Had a part time job over at the coffee shop, or was it the pizza parlor? No no that’s right I was a secret agent turned mine surfer. That was it. Club Penguin was one of those accounts that everyoneeeee in 5th and 6th grade had. Or at least when their accounts started. The world of Club Penguin was one that allowed members to buy igloos (of various types), play tons of mini games for coins, and of course gathering a group of penguins (or a waddle according to the internet) to head over to the iceberg in the famed attempts to tip it! Originally it wasn’t owned and operated by Disney, that is of course until Disney saw how popular it became. The website officially shut down on March 30, 2017 due to the lack of popularity. From the Halloween and Christmas Parties, to the various other themed events they had, Club Penguin will certainly still hold a special place in my heart.

1. VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom Game)

Now this is probably the most mega throwback on this list that half of my friends don’t even remember! First of all if ANYONE HERE is a fan of the Kingdom Keepers novels by Ridley Pearson then you will know this website well (also let me know because I too love those novels). Virtual Magic Kingdom game mixed Disneyland and Magic Kingdom together into one epic world to explore. From having dinner in the bayou to exploring Maleficent’s dark undergrounds, this place had it all. The Monorails were even epic when it came to this game! Plus how could you not get excited about dressing your avatar up in the latest Disney fashion? May 21, 2008 was the official end to this beautiful creation. Also anyone else’s computer ever crash while trying to have this game load because it was too ‘new’ for a lot of desktop computers? Funny how times change.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Feel free to share your favorite memories or stories from any of these online communities! Also please let me know if you continue enjoying these posts because I love making them!

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  1. So much “ fun” stuff “ that I never knew existed..
    Happy you have all these wonderful memories of such sweet stuff !!!!

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