11 Treats That Made Your Summer Days as A 90s/00s Kid Awesome

HELLO WORLD. Long time no see. I know, I know. Living in Massachusetts during this global pandemic has been a wild time. I’m proud of the precautions our state has taken compared to other parts of the United States, but quarantine has been taxing for sure. I’ve had plenty of time to do all the things I like to do including blogging, but I have had pretty much no motivation. Today, I decided to turn things around! Hunkering down and writing a new article with the hopes of plenty more to follow! So lets do one of my favorite things, and head down memory lane. Time to take a trip back to summer days during the late 90s/00s. Time spent outdoors with some summer treats that will definitely spark the nostalgia within you! ENJOY.

11. Pop-Ups

Wow. Okay. Honestly, totally forgot these bad boys existed until I saw a picture of them while scrolling through Google Images. But let me just start off by saying I had such a love, hate relationship with them. I loved the popsicles, loved the taste, but hated the concept. Even though the point of pushing the pop up was to keep the mess inside the cardboard, I ALWAYS STILL MADE A MESS. Maybe it was just me; I was a messy child after all. But as soon as these things started to melt and you tried to push it up, it was like releasing a volcano of stickiness. I also hated how soggy the wrapping got after like ten minutes. Anyways, thanks for listening to my rant. Proceed.

10. Frozen GoGurt

Guys if you never ate a frozen Go-Gurt, then you never had a proper childhood. Like don’t get me wrong, I love me a regular Go-Gurt. But freeze them and suddenly they hit you on a whole other level of deliciousness. Always loved eating them frozen in the summer (and really any other) months at my aunts house growing up. Strawberry was my go-to flavor, but I never said no to a berry one if the strawberry was gone. My favorites were in the form of Spongebob or Scooby Doo tubes because we all know adding a character to the tube made them that much better.

9. Capri Suns/ Hi-C

I’m not going to lie and say I was a fan of either of these items, but they were definitely a school lunch or birthday party staple while growing up. I was never much of a fruit punch girl myself, but I definitely would accept a pouch solely because I thought trying to stick the straw into them was fun. I was an odd child okay.

8. Fudgsicles

Now THESE. Ugh they bring back some of the best memories. I only ever had fudge pops really when I would visit my Nana. I have vivid memories of eating them on her front porch while I sat with my Grampy watching the cars go by. I will still eat them to this day and not only is the chocolatey flavor great, but the nostalgia makes them taste all the better.

7. Dippin Dots

Not to be confused with Mini Melts, because unpopular opinion: those things are GROSS, Dippin Dots were the true OGs. I remember going to Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World growing up, and the best part of the day would be hitting the Dippin Dots stand for a Mint Chocolate Chip cup. Yes second unpopular opinion: Mint Chocolate Chip was the best flavor hands down. Back in my days we only had like five flavors. Pretty sure it was Mint Chip, Cookies n Creme, Banana Split, Neapolitan, and like Vanilla. I use to eat the cup as fast as I could to get all the dots in before they melted together.

6. Jell-O Pudding Pops

So I never got the actual Popsicle brand pre-made Jell-O Pudding Pops. My family would always make them with a popsicle mold and the powder packs kinda like the second image up there. That way we could pick the flavors we wanted and weren’t stuck with just the basics. Aka I LOVED frozen banana pudding pops.

5. Teenys

So I have a few things to say about these little guys. One, once again wasn’t a huge fan of them because anything fruit punch related wasn’t my jam as a kid. But did I always make my mom get a bunch for my birthday parties growing up to look ~cool? Absolutely. Second, we use to call them teenys. Guess thats just a Massachusetts thing. Also I heard that these little fruit barrels may be a Massachusetts/New England thing in general which blows my mind. Did anywhere else in the United States or worldwide have these? Let me know down in the comments! Super curious now.

4. Freeze Pops

I will still to this day fight anyone for a cherry freeze pop. It was basically the only flavor I ate, and you better believe I fought like HELL with my cousins to get every red one the package had to offer. At first having a new package of these were great because they always came in like bundles of 100. But as soon as you start running low, it suddenly became WWIII. From what I remember, everyone took their favorite flavor VERY seriously, and you hoped your preference didn’t match anyone else’s in the household.

3. Scribblers & Firecrackers

Another set of popsicles I wasn’t a huge fan of!! Surprise, surprise. Can you tell I was a picky child? You give me anything with sugar in it now and I’ll have it gone within minutes. Anyways, I always hated the concept of popsicles having multiple flavors in one pop, because I was only a fan of a few select flavors overall. Basically if it was red I would eat it. So Scribblers were okay only if I got one that was a majority of red or pink. But Firecrackers were a different story. I was the queen of eating the cherry piece then handing it off to my dad. Is it just me or did no one truly like the lemon middle? I always hated the concept of them because I didn’t mind Blue Raspberry, but I hated (and still do) Lemon flavored anything. And ya always had to go through the Lemon to get to the Blue.

2. Classic Ice Cream Sandwich & Cookie Sandwich

TRUE OGs. Ice cream sandwiches were my LIFE as a child. I absolutely loved them! Until they started to melt and the chocolate cake got on your fingers. I also LIVED for the M&M Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. Anything that involved cookies, cake and Ice cream all in one!? Like sign me UP. If I wasn’t gluten free today, these would have probably still been my go to treats.

1. Any Of These Classics From The Ice Cream Truck

You could hear it from a mile away. You knew it was coming. For me, I live in a small beach town, so my family would usually be sitting peacefully in the sand until the noise approached and all hell broke loose. The summer battle of begging for ice cream when the ice cream truck arrived, and the hesitant parents who only gave in every once in a while to the pleading. You knew your day was good when your parents gave you a crisp 5$ and let you go pick one an item from the extensive list of slightly gross ice cream options. Whether it was your favorite deformed character with bubblegum eyes, an Italian ice, or a cherry screwball. Your day always got instantly better when you stained your new bathing suit with some nice popsicle syrup (to your moms dismay of course).

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