Heading Back To YouTube?

A little bit of a random life update I guess you could call this post. It’s going to be random and rambly I’m sure so bear with me.

Basically things have been a little difficult for me lately. Nothing major, nothing actual life related, more just mindset wise. We all know I can be ~easily~ stressed, and lately I feel like the pressures of work are starting to take its toll. Disney did the same thing to me after time, but with Disney is was mainly the issue of working long hours and work weeks, whereas here at the Waldorf, the hours are amazing but the toll is from a mental standpoint. Now before I dive into this, I took the time to edit this post to make sure everyone knows I am not trying to bash Disney or the Waldorf in any way whatsoever. Everyone finds something stressful about the job they do no matter where it is, and this is simply just the stress I am coping with right now. I find it hard to keep work at work sometimes and not bring the stress home with me. Like every job, you will encounter some not necessarily pleasant guests, but here unfortunately it seems to be a little more common here.

There will always be hard to handle guests in the mix and it’s something I know I will never be able to avoid especially in the hospitality industry, but I guess the entitlement here is really what makes it worse. Being the only person on the floor at a time who’s ‘job’ it is to fix every single problem a guest can come up with can sometimes be anything from rewarding and motivating (being able to properly help them) to stressful and a little overwhelming (not having control or able to meet their request). The hardest part is mainly getting the most ridiculous request (or demand however you look at it), and the guest getting irritated when it is either something out of my range of influence or something that I am unable to secure for them (a reservation at a specific restaurant for example). I have dealt with my fair share of difficult guests and difficult guest situations in the past, and I’ve grown a pretty thick skin over the past few years, but there are things even myself thinking I have seen it all was not even prepared for.

Now not to say that some guests requests aren’t hilarious or make my heart grow three sizes, but many are just so outlandish and I get astonished by how astonished the guests get when I can’t give them exactly what they ask for no matter how ridiculous the request. Peep the Spongebob reference there.

ANYWAYS, see I told you I was going to ramble. That wasn’t the point of this article. Basically, I’m finding myself in my free time aside from hanging with friends, a little restless. I love to read and I am so behind on all of my favorite series, yet somehow I can’t find the interest in reading in my spare time. It’s like it makes myself get inside my own head and just leads to more unnecessary anxiety.

Basically I am looking for something to do when I need my time alone that isn’t just sims, reading, or painting because I think I’m slowly driving myself up a wall.

About a month ago some of you will remember that Jessica & I decided to revamp my YouTube channel and make it a conjoined account. It was a great idea until Jessica’s computer broke and we couldn’t edit much of our footage off her camera that was saved to her laptop. But the today, I decided to do something a little drastic, I bought my own ‘vlogging’ camera with equipment. I have a nice reading nook in the corner of my room that would be the perfect little studio area and after months of watching YouTubers with their various channel types, I’ve decided to fully continue with mine. The only difference this time? It’s not going to be Disney all the time, of course it will still include plenty of things Disney (can’t escape that one), but I also want to make it slightly like my newly revamped website you’re reading on currently. I want to give personal opinions on things like movies, books, etc. Make gluten-free, dairy-free cooking videos and maybe the occasional eating and gossip collab with friends. Jessica will still be in a majority of my videos and I plan on making plenty about ghost stories and astrology with her. But this is mainly going to be a way for me to take my mind off my stress and work and focus on something that will take up a good portion of my free time.

The main thing I need though, is to slowly start a following like I have on my Instagram account. If anyone is interested and would like to please subscribe to my YouTube channel, I will link the channel HERE.

Once my stuff arrives tomorrow expect a video soon! Enjoy!

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