I Went To An Alice In Wonderland Themed Tea!

Let me start off by saying, it was WHIMSICAL. Now let me give you the actual details.

As a concierge, it is important to know a lot about the surrounding Boston area and especially cool little holes in the wall that will really wow! guests. That was when I stumbled upon a rabbit hole one day when it came to researching Patriot Place at Gillette Stadium. My coworker Brittney and I discovered a new tea cafe that had recently opened and get this it was Alice In Wonderland themed. 

So of course we just had to go. Finally after months of scheduling conflicts and trying to find the time, we went today! It was DEFINITELY worth the wait!

First off, it can be a little tricky to find because it’s not on Google maps yet due to it being so new, but it is right next to Bath & Body Works at Patriot Place. Once you find it, you are greeted by the Mad Hatter in the storefront window. Once entering, you are quickly blown away by the theming! You have Alice’s feet dangling from the ceiling, the White Rabbit reminding you that you’re late, and the White Queen’s throne for picture purposes.

When it comes to their dining room, I highly recommend you make reservations for your high tea. There is a couple reasons why I say this. One, the place is extremely small and can only sit so many people at once. Second, there is an additional 15$ fee for walk-ins that don’t have a prior reservation Lastly, although they do have a small bakery in the front, you must have a sit down meal or a reservation in order to even enter the dining room due to the small space and the amount of people who would just go in for pictures.

Once we were inside, I was so excited to know they had a complete Gluten-free menu offering! Then we were given little bottles that resembled the ‘Drink Me’ bottles from the movies. We were then told each one had a unique flavor and once poured into our glasses, the server added a blue Oolong Tea to the concoction to give it an amazing two-toned coloring. IT WAS DELICIOUS. We also decided to opt out of drinking actual hot tea and have hot chocolate instead because it was freezing out!

The only slight downside to the entire experience was the wait time for the food. I was by no means upset because while waiting there is just so many fun props and areas to take pictures in as well as plenty of hot chocolate to consume. But on that note, our food did take a while to be made (probably due to the fact that the kitchen is pretty small due to the small building). It could have easily also been because mine was gluten-free which usually always adds time to any meal. But once the food came it was delicious! As well as adorably themed to match the restaurant!!

Overall I HIGHLY recommend going to visit this new little cafe if anyone lives in the area or has time! It was an amazing experience and did I mention they just play Disney princess songs all day? YES. WORTH ITTTT. Anyways, check out my video below about my experience there! Also PLEASE like and subscribe to my channel!! ENJOY!

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