Christmas Brunch!

So when it comes to the holidays, the main reason I find them so important is really based off the idea of spending time with friends and family. I like to call it ‘forced family time’ because it truly is a time where, the only plans made are spent with those who are important to you. I also, like my major pertains, love hosting and planning parties (especially of the Christmas varietal).

So when I realized I was going to have a lot of free time this holiday season, I knew I wanted to spend it with people I love and doing as many Christmas activities as possible!

One of those activities ended up being a Holiday Brunch. Because let’s be real the holidays go hand in hand with eating way too much food in my opinion. So I made the list, checked it twice, and started planning! When the day finally came, all of my friends brought their own dishes, my mom broke out all the Christmas China, and we had plenty of fun (and mimosas) to go around. We ended up spending the entire day together and not only did we enjoy food, but we also had a Yankee Swap, hours of board game playing & horrible Christmas movie watching, and just time well spent reflecting on all the good old times.

So I decided to compile together a short video of my getting ready for everyone’s arrival as well as a few brief clips of our day spent together that I decided to share with all of you today! ENJOY!

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