15 MORE Things 90s/00s Kids Definitely Forgot About (Until Now)

Welcome back all my nostalgic lovers! Today, we are going to focus on 15 MORE things that you definitely forgot about if you were a 90s/00s kid. I am here as an educator to remind everyone about things that were considered life-changing as a kid, that you may have completely forgot about until right now! Now of course, I’m sure some of these things will be remembered by many and not considered ‘forgotten’, but I am creating the list based off MY memory. ENJOY!

15. These Stick On Earrings

This was THE BRAND when it came to stick on earrings because I swear there was something magical about them that made them last longer. Then came the hard part of deciding which ones to wear based on your outfit that day. That is of course if you were like me and didn’t have your ears actually pierced.

14. The Magic Baby Bottle

Where did the milk go? How does it do that!? Welp, our brains will never know I guess! It’s actually pretty easy to understand how it works now, but back then it was basically magic.

13. The Vacuum That Probably Drove Your Parents INSANE

Pop, pop, pop, POPPPPP. Who invented these and why did we find so much joy in driving our parents insane by using them? I think this is why I have vacuums now.

12. Starting A Box

The true prize of any successful summer camp day was coming home with one of these bad boys. Once you got started it was pretty much a breeze, but starting a gimp box? Basically impossible. Usually there was always one friend in the group that started them for everyone else to complete.

11. Stardoll

Image via: DailyMotion

The best website for all of your modeling and fashion styling dreams really. Basically you had these (mostly poorly) animated online paper dolls of popular celebrities. As well as some rocking outfits they’ve either actually been seen in or WISH they’ve been seen in. From there it was up to you to mix and match and have them runway ready!

10. These Bubble Necklaces

Ya know, just in case you were randomly overcome with the sudden urge to blow a bubble. These were usually the height of goodie bags or prizes at school fairs.

9. Bloonies

The best way to have fun and inhale liquid plastic, AT THE SAME TIME. Talk about an amazing time. If you were really skilled you’d be able to blow a big balloon with the puddy before it started to deflate on you.

8. Burning Your Insides

We all know the pizza roll burn of that first bite, but never forget that boiling cheese on the roof of your mouth.

7. The Old School KitKat Wrappers

Something about opening up a KitKat in one of these foil wrappers hit a totally different way. The noise it made and the way it looked made you feel like Charlie Bucket about to strike gold.

6. Weepuls

No one really knows just exactly WHERE they came from, and quite frankly a lot of people don’t exactly know why they exists. Weepuls were the little pals that chilled on your desk at school or on your pencil until they became too much of a class ‘distraction’ and they were banned by teachers.

5. Del Sol Nail Polish (DelSol Everything)

Wait a minute, are you telling me your nail polish just went from sparkly silver to RED!? And that shirt you have on? You’re telling me in the sun it goes from being a boring old t-shirt to a colorful masterpiece!? MAGIC. Thanks to Del Sol most people came back from any tropical vacation feeling like a million bucks in the sunlight. I use to LOVE their nail polish and honestly would still wear it now.

4. Elefun

Aka where did all the butterflies go over time? I think there was like five left by the time that toy got thrown out. This is one of those games that I compare to Monopoly in the sense that you definitely lost friends over thanks to competition.

3. Oreo Cakesters

Randomly saw a picture of these on Pinterest and I swear my mind had a brain blast. I had COMPLETELY forgot about these and they were so dang good! Minus the fact that they constantly got stuck to the roof of your mouth. They were like little fluffy Oreos.

2. Floam

Go from boring to exciting with FLOAM. I remember all the commercials would emphasize the fact that you could use neon Floam to decorate random household objects to liven your life up. In realty Floam in packaging kinda looked gross sometimes and I’m pretty sure they had a recall at one point. Either way my mother never let me buy it and honestly I understand why now. Messy stuff.


My hearts pounding, I refuse to even look at the picture for too long in fear of what comes next. If you know, YOU KNOW.

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