10 Toys You Definitely Forgot About Yet Loved If You Were A 90s/00s Kid

Helloooooo everyone. Welcome to day 984983 of Quarantine!! How is everyone?? Going completely insane? Same! So today I figured, why not in my usual manner, take yet another trip down memory lane. In today’s post I wanted to take a look at some toys that we all loved and played with as 90s/00s kids, but might not have remembered until right now! Enjoy!

10. This Disc Gun

The most random of objects that I swear every household had at least one of. Little foam discs that you could shoot at siblings only to have them cry and you’d get in trouble. Great invention.

9. Cupcake Dolls

You see, it was a doll, that had a CUPCAKE SKIRT. Aka, you flipped the skirt up and the doll turned into a giant cupcake. Revolutionary. Truly revolutionary. My cousin had one and for some reason I was always so excited to go to her house solely to play with this doll specifically. So fascinating to see which toys as kids truly infatuated us the most for no reason.

8. Aqua Sand

I swear this is one of those strange things that came out after Moon Sand became a big hit. I never actually played with this stuff nor did I obviously own it. But it honestly looked like a huge mess to me no matter what they said about the sand coming out of the water dry like magic.

7. 20Q Game

This. Game. Knew. Everything. IT WAS WEIRD. Anything you could think of, either on it’s first try or after a few, it would get it. I swear this is where electronic devices started reading our minds.

6. Mighty Beanz

Think of mini punching bags that you could throw anywhere but were always leveled to land back upright. Then slap some funny and famous faces on them to add a little extra appeal to the population. Such a strange concept yet everyone wanted to collect as many different ones as they could.

5. Water Babies

I LOVED my water baby. It literally came as a slightly deflated looking baby doll that you then added water to. With the water it had a strange squishy texture that was suppose to make it feel more “life-like.” I will admit as a kid I loved squishing it, until I would make all the water ooze out of the latch in the back by accident.

4. Doodle Bear

I never had one but a LOT of my friends did. I was always SO jealous, even though after time, I think we can all admit, the marker would slowly stop washing off. My parents probably figured if I knew could draw on a bear, I’d probably try to draw on other things which makes sense. I was a mischievous one.

3. Lite Brite

This is literally the OG children’s activity that doesn’t even need explaining. If you don’t know what this is, then you’re too young my pal.

2. K’Nex

The best building set to build the strangest of things. I loved the building kits where you could make cool things like carnival rides or pirate ships. They were so complicated and intricate sometimes that it made me feel that much more accomplished when I completed one. I want to know how someone was able to create the idea behind all the pieces.

1. Felt Friends

Now THIS is where things get real for me. What a throwback. For those of you who didn’t get the privilege of knowing what Felt Friends were, I truly feel bad for you. Felt Friends were exactly what you’d expect, little felt people. You could change their outfits, their surroundings and you could keep getting more new felt people as well as boards to expand your collection. Think of them as the flat polly pockets of the world. I remember having a Madeline set that showed her scar where she got her appendix removed. Thought it was so cool. I swear I still have all of them up in my attic. Love them.

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