The Haunting History of The LaLaurie Mansion Conclusion: The Ghostly Legacy

Hello everyone and welcome to the conclusion of the LaLaurie Mansion History mini series. For this post we are going to be focusing on what happened to the mansion after the events of Delphine LaLaurie. What became of the mansion up to this day? And who may still reside within the mansion walls to this day? Let’s find out.

Disclaimer: I will link the websites I utilized below as my sources for these specific stories to give them proper credit and if anyone wishes to dive further into the history as opposed to my summarization!

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So let’s start with what became of the mansion after Delphine’s flee. Well after the community basically ransacked the entire mansion, it was turned into a school. For a short amount of time in the mid-1800s the mansion became the home of young school-aged girls. Soon it became solely for African-American girls and that is when things started to take a turn for the worst. Young girls would be frightened in the middle of the night, some waking up or running to their teachers with scratches on their bodies. When asked, all the girls referred to ‘the woman’ doing it. Coincidence? I think not. (Story from Ghost City Tours link below).

The second key event I want to focus on though is in 1894. A man living in one of the apartments complained of a dark entity within the mansion. He claimed it was a demon that was after him. Naturally anyone who heard his tales simply thought he was seeing things. That was until one night in 1894 when the man was found murdered inside. The apartment itself was a mess upon discovering his body, yet nothing of importance had seem to be stolen. The mystery still lives on to this day as to who or what exactly was the culprit (Ghost City Tours).

From that point on the mansion was only on a downward spiral. Throughout the decades leading up to this day, it’s use ranged from a juvenile boys home, bar, and even a furniture store. Anything residing within the mansion walls whether that be a business or tenet never seemed to last long before leaving. Nicholas Cage even bought the home for a whopping $3.45 million sometime between 2007 and 2009 only to lose it a few short years after due to bankruptcy. This also led many to believe the house cursed any who resided or owned the property.

As years go on the legacy and haunting of the LaLaurie Mansion has only grown. Today, books, movies, and stories have embellish on the horrors that took place within the homes’ walls, making it harder and harder to determine fact from fiction. Many believe now that LaLaurie and her husband were doing human experiments in the attic (in a way they were). Even going so far as to giving great detail about each slaves mutilation when found. American Horror Story told viewers that Delphine smeared the blood of her slaves onto her face to stay looking young.

Overall when it comes to the LaLaurie Mansion a few main things are known for certain. One is that the history of the property will live on in infamy. Those who pass by the mansion today should take a moment to mourn the poor souls that lost their lives on those mansion grounds in such horrific manners. Second, is that anyone who resides within the home does not last long before moving out. And lastly, moans, noises, and cries, can still be heard coming from that attic room. To this day, the haunted souls have still yet to depart from 1140 Royal Street, and who knows, maybe LaLaurie herself.

Story Sources:
Ghost City Tours

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