Top 15 Underrated Disney Ladies

We all know the top heroins of the hour when it comes to Disney. Mulan? A badass who saves all of China. Ariel? Problematic 16 year-old mermaid who probably should listen to the grown-ups in her life more often. They don’t even need to be princesses to be memorable. Tinkerbell? Sass blonde who only has room for one emotion at a time. Jessie? Rambunctious cowgirl who knows how to live life with a little extra yeehaw!

But what about the underrated Disney ladies? One you may remember or know the name of well, but are totally under appreciated. Or maybe some you’ve never even heard of before! This post is for those girls who don’t get the credit they very well deserve!


15. Lottie, Princess and The Frog

I just love Lottie so I felt the need to include her in this post. Lottie is Tiana’s non-filtered, southern bell best friend. She might seem like a ditz at times, but she truly wants the best for Tiana even if shes blind to what’s really going on half the time. She speaks her mind and shes not afraid to jump ‘back into the fray,’ to get her goals accomplished. Also lets be real, she is just a total ICON.


14. Jane, Tarzan

She is brains in a time period where woman weren’t ‘meant’ to do much but stand there and stay silent. She doesn’t let society change her passion for knowledge and she travels out of her comfort zone to further explore her passion. Even when Clayton and his crew judge the fact that she is a woman, she takes charge and proves to everyone that she knows what’s up. Minus the fact that she clearly didn’t realize Clayton was a jerk from the start, but we can look past that for now. ALSOOOO can we talk about how in such a short period of time she literally teaches Tarzan to read, write, and SPEAK ENGLISH for gosh sakes! Like that is top level teaching status.

giphy (1)giphy (2)

13. Judy Hopps, Zootopia

GIRL DOESN’T BACK DOWN. She’s got a dream and what does she do? LIVE IT. She works hard and spends countless hours working towards her goal. People around her tell her she can never achieve her dreams and she lives for PROVING THEM WRONG. Talk about girl power! Also can we just talk about how she doesn’t let prejudice get in the way of her dream or in the way of how she views others. She stands up to stereotypes and promotes an amazing level of equality among the animals of Zootopia.

giphy (4)giphy (3)

12. Captain Amelia, Treasure Planet

She is the captain of one of the strongest crew in the galaxy. Not only is she a strong female role model, she stands her ground and has a deep knowledge in her field. She is a diligent captain, who definitely has a sense when something is right or wrong. I also love how she doesn’t take compliments from anyone and will stick to her stubborn attitude until she gets her way!


11. Flit, Pocahontas

She’s beauty, she is grace, she will stab you right in the face, that is if you mess with her or her pal Pocahontas. Her and Meeko might butt heads, but honestly between the two, Flit is wayyyy more level headed and knows whats up. Meeko is the spontaneous dude in it for the thrill, whereas Flit knows whether or not they’re going to survive the adventure.


10. Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas

This girl, or um doll, IS THE ONLY ONE WITH A HEAD STITCHED PROPERLY ONTO HER BODY. She knows from the START, that this whole Christmas thing was going to be a bad idea. Then in typical fashion what happens? No one listens to her and THEN what happens!? It all goes to crap JUST like she assumed it would. Three cheers to Sally for keeping her cool during this whole situation, still taking the stand and doing what needs to get done, AND finally getting the Bone Daddy of her dreams even when he ignored her.


9. Nani, Lilo & Stitch

Seriously why is the attention for this movie always on Lilo or Stitch. I get it, its the name of the movie, but seriously Nani is the real hero here. Her parents died in a tragic accident and she is left to basically become an adult overnight in order to keep her mischievous little sister from being taken by child services! She lives in constant fear of not being mature enough to save her sister and struggles to find a job in order to keep a roof over their head and food in their bellies. She even turns down help from the hunky David, and she has the will power to stay strong for her sister’s sake. Her acts are courageous and are seriously inspirational.


8. Miss Bianca, The Rescuers

Sure she can often be seen gussying up or adding one more spritz of perfume before making a grand entrance, but Miss Bianca is the definition of confidence! She is the main female presence and the Hungarian representative of the Rescue Aid Society. She knows how to take charge and make herself heard. She also takes kidnapping and saving poor children VERY seriously (well I mean I hope we all would). What I mean by that is she is extremely selfless and puts others before herself!


7. Franny Robinson, Meet The Robinsons

Strong willed and so not afraid to speak her mind. She knows how to find herself a winner of a husband who treats her right and encourages her to follow out her scientific dreams. Even when her husband because rich and famous with his discoveries, she doesn’t just become any ordinary housewife. Her dreams don’t go on a stand still just because shes set for life, no if anything it brings them into full swing! She continues to bring the world joy through singing frogs and that is something to admire. Also can we just talk about how normal she finds it when a Dinosaur randomly attacks her house to try and get a random orphan child? Like what does she do? Not even question the dinosaur, instead she just jumps right into action.

giphy (5)659902_franny-disney

6. Audrey Ramirez, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Audrey  Ramirez is definitely a girl you don’t want to mess with. Her sister may be a pro boxer, but that still doesn’t mean Audrey won’t teach someone a lesson. She is witty and extremely smart when it comes to engineering. Considering she is one of the only females skilled in the engineering field during her time period, she doesn’t let it get in the way of making sure her fellow engineers know just how capable she is. She makes sure she is taken seriously, but also keeps a level head when it comes to deciding right from wrong. She is proud of her family and has a strong foundation to grow from.

5. Esmerelda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Esmerelda is the epitome of standing for what she believes in. She is not afraid to show others her faith even if she stands out against the crowd. Even when she faces backlash and possible execution, she still showcases her heritage. She also doesn’t give in the fear tactics or the lewd ultimatums from Judge Frollo. She’s not afraid to call herself a misfit and stand up for others who don’t quite fit the social norm either. The general public’s view means nothing to her and she wants to help others be proud of their quirks. Except I am salty that Quasimodo literally SAVED her and she still went for the attractive blondie. I get it, I get it, they  both have hearts of gold, but I do wish they could have all found someone special in the end (yes I know Quasi finds someone in the second movie, but STILL).

TestyDecentAstarte-size_restrictedgiphy (6)

4. Megara, Hercules

She may have made some past mistakes, but she certainly did her time to learn from them. She doesn’t let men define her life anymore and lives by her own rules. We are talking about a girl who isn’t afraid to spew sarcasm at the GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD. She literally just sees Hades as a mere annoyance and loves reminding him when his plans fail. She also knows how to use her sass and charm to win over Wonder Boy, that is until she admits she herself is in love too. She’s an iconic damsel who can handle herself. Have a nice day.

giphy (7)tenor (1)

3. Kida, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

First of all, for someone that could be well over 8,000 years old, she looks amazing for her age. Just saying. Yet somehow she is so often overlooked. A Disney warrior princess in her own right, Kida has a strong connection to her kingdom of Atlantis. So strong, that it is her shear will and the crystal around her neck that saves the entire city from destruction. After losing her mother at such a young age, she didn’t let it stop her from completing her destiny and staying strong in the midst of peril.


2. Princess Eilonwy, The Black Cauldron

Probably the LEAST known Disney princess of them all. Princess Eilonwy is from a Disney movie that was created in Disney’s “Dark Age” of film. The movie was deemed too scary by many parents due to probably one of Disney’s most sinister (and scary) villains known as the Horned King. But besides the point that I won this movie in a contest when I was little AND WAS OBSESSED WITH IT (clearly I was apparently a brave kid and believe EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS HIDDEN GEM), lets talk about this badass 12 year old. EVERYONE in this movie fears the horned king, and then we have a 12 year old princess who has been locked in his dungeon who stands her ground. Her magic abilities assist in SAVING EVERYONE, and she doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do. She is such a great Disney princess and is SO undervalued.


1. Grown Up Wendy, Peter Pan II: Return To Neverland

Okay don’t get me wrong Wendy as a child in Peter Pan is a little basic. She’s honestly a little annoying and a little too goo goo for Peter (even though lets be real I’d be too). This might also be because I’m a Tinkerbell girl through and through. But she gets the number one spot here for her grown-up self. Why? How about that fact that she is literally raising her kids DURING A WORLD WAR. Not only that, but how about the fact that her husband is gone and she has no idea if he is okay, her child keeps running away IN A WAR ZONE, her area is CONSTANTLY being bombed, and shes being forced to send her children away to keep them safe without knowing what might happen. MEANWHILE, when ALL of this is happening, she still manages to keep her composure and her imagination to make sure her children feel as safe as possible. 10/10 mother right here (also note her goo gooness when Peter sees her again). You go grown-up Wendy.



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