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15 Halloween/Fall Bath & Body Works’ Products To Make Your October Smell Extra Festive

Welcome one and all to one of my ALL TIME favorite parts of the fall and early winter seasons!! When it comes to the holidays, there’s no better way to start getting into the festive mood then by scent! One way I do that is by basically spending all of my money and raiding Bath & Body Works. When I tell you all that I literally spend WAY too much money there it’s actually probably a problem. Or an addiction. ANYWAYS. I decided to compile a list of some of their top Fall and Halloween products for everyone to get their festive fill! I have also put all the direct links to each product on the item’s picture! ENJOY SHOPPING! (Also they have a sale going on just saying)

15. Bath & Body Works’ Halloween Scents

14. Bath & Body Works’ Fall Food Scents

13. Bath & Body Works’ Classic Pumpkin Scents

12. Bath & Body Works’ Classic Fall Scents

11. Leaves On A Branch Wall Plug From Bath & Body Works

10. Pumpkin Lantern Nightlight Wall Plug From Bath & Body Works

9. Hello Fall Apple Nightlight Wall Plug From Bath & Body Works

8. Wallflowers Fall Fragrance Refill

7. Foaming Hand Soap From Bath And Body Works

6. Soap Holders From Bath & Body Works

5. Fall Shower Gel From Bath & Body Work

4. Fine Fragrance Mists From Bath & Body Works

3. Men’s Deodorizing Body Spray From Bath & Body Works

2. Water Globe Bat Pedestal Candle Holder From Bath & Body Works

1. Fall Bags From Bath & Body Works

Need something to hold all your new purchases in obviously! Enjoy shopping!


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