New Years Eve Traditions From Around The World

Hello Everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas if you celebrate it or are still enjoying the festive winter season! I have been delayed in posting because I really wanted to make sure my main focus was on family and friends during this time of the year. I pretty much fufilled my promise of 25 days of Christmas posting minus a few days so I am happy about that! For today though, I decided we would start looking towards the New Year with how people celebrate across the globe! Feel free to drop a comment about how YOU or your family celebrates the New Year! ENJOY!

Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia: Underwear Fashion

Image result for yellow underwear for new years

It is customary in many South American countries to represent what’s to come in the New Year by rockin some fashionable underwear! Wearing new underwear in certain colors is believed to signify what is to come for the wearer in the New Year. Red & pink signifies that you will find love, yellow stands for fortunes to come, and white is for peace! Choose wisely!

Italy: Red For Luck

Image result for red underwear for new years

Much like the South American countries, Italy understands the importance of underwear when it comes to the New Year. In Italy it is a tradition to wear red underwear for the New Year to signify luck that will come your way.

Scotland: Bonfires & Gifts of Luck

Image result for bonfire

In Scotland, the first person to walk through the threshold of a home on the New Year should carry a small gift for luck. It is also customary to hold bonfires to start the New Year off on a fresh start.

Colombia: Trip Around The Block

Image result for empty suitcase

In Colombia, many will travel around holding an empty suitcase on New Years Eve. The tradition has two options, one being carrying the suitcase around during the day or at midnight running around the block with it. Both signify the same outcome, an adventurous year to come filled with travel and excitement.

Romania: Coin Tossing

Image result for coin toss

Tossing a coin into water is tradition in Romania because it signifies luck and prosperity in the New Year. It’s also custom to try and get a cow to talk to you (this seems to be a common tradition in many European countries). But well focus on the coin for this one.

Finland: Metal Interpretation

Finnish New Year's Eve tradition: Predicting future by melting tin and pouring it into cold water.
Image From: Mari-Johanna K

In Finland, tradition holds that if you pour molten tin into water, the shape the tin forms will foreshadow your year to come. Many will spend New Years Eve watching the tin in the water and interpreting it’s shape for one’s New Year’s fortune.

Philippines: Circles & Coins

Image result for oranges

When it comes to New Years in the Philippines, it is believed that everything circular can be compared to coins. Meaning, many on the holiday will eat circular foods, wear items with spots on them, and throw coins around. This all signifies prosperity to come in the New Year.

Ireland: Bang The Bread

Image result for bread
Image From: King Arthur Flour

In Irish tradition, New Years is celebrated by banging bread against a wall. This is believed to ward off all evil spirits and bad mojo to start off the New Year fresh.

France: A Big Stack

Image result for crepes
Image From: Delish

In France, many eat a stack of pancakes or crepes on the New Year. Cause why not. One tradition I certainly wouldn’t question.

Denmark: Shattering Plates

Related image

In Denmark is it customary to shatter old plates to signify a fresh start to the New Year. It is also said to be good luck to go and smash a plate in front of a friend or family members’ household as well.

Canada & United States: The Polar Plunge

Image result for polar plunge
Image From: CBS News

On the morning of New Years day, many brave souls will go to a local body of water and plunge into the icy coldness to start the New Year off with a refreshing start! Now a days many of these plunges usually revolve around local charities or donations, but the tradition still stands to be a cold one!

England & Germany: Smooch

Image result for a kiss

A midnight kiss is a common practice in both England & Germany (and the United States). Many meet at midnight and celebrate the start of the new year with a nice smooch.

Spain & Mexico: 12 Grapes

Image result for grapes

I learned this one in my Spanish class in high school (random personal fun fact that no one probably cares about). ANYWAYS. On New Years when the clock strikes midnight, it is customary for everyone to eat a grape for each bell the clock chimes. This means the clock rings twelve times, meaning 12 grapes must be consumed. This signifies happiness in the year to come!

United States: New York Ball Drop

Image result for new york new years eve
Image From: Time Out

In The United States, the main tradition revolves around the New York City Ball drop. Each year, up to one MILLION people show up to Times Square in New York City to watch celebrity performances and to celebrate midnight with the dropping of the ball. This is also broadcasted on TV for all to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.


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