15 Paleo Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Day Off Right!

Breakfast is my FAVORITE time of the day (honestly eating in general, but I’ll be specific for this one).

15. Loaded Paleo Breakfast Hash {Whole30, Egg-Free} from Paleo Running Momma

This looks like the best Hash I have ever seen. Like it literally has ALL of my favorite ingredients! With sweet potato, honey crisp apples, spinach, chicken, and cranberries! Check out the full recipe from Paleo Running Momma here.

14. Paleo Breakfast Fried Rice (Whole30) from Eat the Grains

Close up of a large black pan filled with paleo breakfast fried rice topped with fried eggs and sliced avocado

Cauliflower rice with some hearty additions to make you prepped and ready to go for the day! This is a great take on your classic fried rice dish and it’s breakfast friendly! Add an egg on top with some avocado and you have yourself a great meal! Check out how to pan fry up this amazing dish by Eat the Grains here!

13. Moroccan Healthy Gluten-Free Paleo Breakfast Casserole from Food Faith Fitness

I have never had a Moroccan breakfast casserole before but boy do I want to try this recipe! Breakfast casseroles in general are a big favorite of mine and I only tend to have them on special occasions. Plus sweet potatoes are the way to my heart in any form, maybe that’ll be my next food post. Anyways, check out how to make this awesome recipe by Food Faith Fitness here.

12. Paleo Pancakes from Downshiftology


Pancakes are food for the soul I swear. If I could eat pancakes for every meal of every day without turning into an Oompa Loompa, I would do it. Paleo Pancakes are hard to come by, especially in restaurants, so why not just make some good ol’ from scratch one’s at home! Check out this fluffy recipe by Downshiftology here.

11. Hearty Paleo Banana Bread {Banana Sweetened} from Paleo Running Momma

Next up on my list of top favorite, we have banana bread. I would eat a whole loaf of people weren’t so selfish and demanding a slice. This is one of the best recipes I have found based on the pictures where the banana bread actually looks like it rises a little and doesn’t resemble a flat gluten-free brick. Check out this hearty recipe by Paleo Running Momma here.

10. Paleo Breakfast Egg Wraps (Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipe) from Cotter Crunch

A great way to reduce your calories and add in some extra protein when it comes to morning breakfast wraps! Normal wraps (not only usually contain gluten) are normally full of both calories and sodium in the tortilla itself, so this is a great alternative! For the full recipe, check out Cotter Crunch’s website here.

9. Paleo Overnight Oats from Real Simple Good

Only recently have we gotten on the overnight oats bandwagon. And since then, we are freaking obsessed and have made these Paleo overnight oats like 3 or 4 times in the past 2 weeks. They're kind of addicting and able to be made Whole30 compliant too! #paleo #whole30 #easy #overnightoats | realsimplegood.com

I love me some good overnight oats! The great thing about making the overnight oats yourself is you get to decide on the consistency. For example, I love when my oats are thicker and not as a watery. Yum. Add a little almond milk, peanut butter, and almonds then boom. Amazing. Check out this inspiration by Real Simple Good here.

8. Instant Paleo Apple Cinnamon Hot Cereal from Paleo Gluten Free Eats

Yummm get in my tummy! This hot cereal recipe would make a great start to a cool fall morning or a snowy winter one! I love apple cinnamon flavored anything, but of course this recipe can simply give you the inspiration to create whatever hot cereal flavor you desire! Check out the full recipe by Paleo Gluten Free Eats here.

7. Paleo Blueberry Muffin (Grain Free, Gluten Free, Low Carb) from Living Healthy with Chocolate

Out of all muffin choices I have to be honest, blueberry is my favorite flavor (aside from pumpkin of course). These little bad boys are a great way to indulge in a morning pastry without any guilt or feeling of being too full! Check out the full recipe for these petite little beauties by Living Healthy with Chocolate here.

6. French Toast Recipe (Gluten-Free, Paleo) from Mommypotamus


Whether you’re feeling a sweet tooth breakfast or an indulgent late night dessert, this paleo french toast option is to die for! Slap a little coconut whipped cream on top and I’d be set to GO! Check out this french toast recipe by Mommypotamus here.

5. Baked Avocado Eggs from Tasty

Image result for egg in avocado breakfast tasty

Besides Tasty being one of my all-time favorite foodie channels to watch while I’m bored (and thus making myself hungry for things I don’t have ingredients for). Check out this amazing way to get a protein filled, hearty, good-fats breakfast that you can personalize to your taste preference! Check out the written ingredients as well as the video on Tasty here.

4. Paleo Breakfast Stacks (WHole30, GF, + Dairy Free) from Real Simple Good

These paleo breakfast stacks are an easy to make favorite. A Whole30 breakfast with plantain hash browns, simple guacamole, sausage and eggs! Paleo, Whole30, Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free. | realsimplegood.com

It’s like the savory form of a stack of pancakes. Egg, sausage, more avocado, and hash browns!? Heck yes. Another amazing recipe from Real Simple Good that will make you ready to take on the world! For the full recipe to this gorgeous stack, check out their website here.

3. 3 Ingredient Paleo Breakfast Cookie (Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Carb) from The Big Man’s World

A paleo and vegan breakfast cookie made with almond flour

I’m a sucker for a half-baked or soft gooey cookie and this one looks like it takes the bill! Plus who can say no to dessert for breakfast?? Check out this extremely simple three ingredient cookie by The Big Man’s World here.

2. Paleo Strawberry Banana Cereal Bars from Physical Kitchness

Finding gluten free cereal or gluten free granola bars can be a hassle sometimes, especially ones that taste good! So check out this great homemade recipe for some yummy strawberry banana cereal bars by Physical Kitchness! It’s a great grab and go breakfast or something to eat speedy right before work. For the full recipe, check out their website here.

1. Keto Smoothie Bowl (Paleo, Whole30, Low Carb) from Life Made Sweeter

I love how this recipe gives you options to be able to fully customize your paleo smoothie bowl! For example that berry one with the figs is calling my name, but so is the tropical yellow one! Can’t decide which one I plan on making first. Maybe I’ll just have to ‘sample’ them all at the same time. For science of course. And for all of you who are just dying (don’t actually care) to know. Anyways, science experiments aside, check out these great refreshing breakfast smoothies bowls by Life Made Sweeter here.


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